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Taylor Kieffer

Name: Taylor KiefferHometown: Seaford, DelawareMajor: Speech Pathology & AudiologyFavorite Food: Cheese Fries/Cheese Balls/Cheese Sticks/CheeseDream Vacation: GreeceDrink of choice: Cherry CokeA secret talent I have is: Staying within my 2 GB data allowance each monthThe song I would sing in karaoke is: “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” Shania TwainMy favorite WVU memory: HalloweenMy most embarrassing moment: Embarrassing is my middle name.It’s Friday night, you’ll find me: With friendsDating Status: SingleThe most romantic thing I’ve ever done is: My ex unknowingly picked out a really stylish, expensive (**Woman’s**) watch for his birthday but I bought it for him anyway.My favorite part about the opposite sex: Their oversized T-shirts.Celebrity Crush: Vince VaughnA quote that defines me: “I already have a drink. Do you think he’ll buy me mozzarella sticks instead?”Twitter Name: @tkieff

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