Surprisingly Unsurprising: Good Guys At WVU

I’ll first start off by saying, maybe I have been lucky. I have had guys bring me flowers, and have planned original dates. These guys have supported my ambitions, and would be there to talk if I was upset. All in all, I would say my college dating experiences have been positive ones.

Yet, I feel as if my experience stands alone. Time after time I hear girls complaining what a guy did or did not do with the overall message that there is no good guys at WVU. It then leads me to think, have I met the only good ones? 

WVU isn’t the ideal dating culture, which may be why guys get such a bad rap. The place to meet girls is at High Street bars with poor lighting and a lack of cleanliness. Then a majority of the girls wear outfits that don’t necessarily say “ask me about my hopes and dreams”. And finally, it is widely accepted to go home, hook up, and leave before the sunrises. This culture make it hard for girls to find these nice guys and for these nice guys to be recognized. 

Another observation I have had about nice guys and dating at WVU is that many of them are misinterpreted, and automatically brushed off. A guy calling a girl beautiful can be a compliment without intentions. It can be a guy being nice, just to be nice. It does not mean he wants to sleep with her that second, or that he will stalk her house. He is just being nice. Many times I have heard a guy compliment a girl, and the girl finds it aggressive or weird. Sure, there are plenty of guys who use this to pick up girls, but there are also those nice guys just simply giving a compliment. Misinterpreting a compliment, then brushing them off could be one of the many reasons girls don’t see any of the nice guys at this school.

Finally, when it comes to nice guys at WVU, don’t group them in with the assholes. There are guys that cheat on their girlfriends, but not every guy does. There is also guys who bring a new girl home every night, but not every guy does. There are plenty of scummy guys, but there are also plenty of nice ones as well.

There are good guys with good intentions at WVU, and maybe us as women need to see it out a little more.