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Summer 18 on a Budget

With summer around the corner, you start thinking of all the beach trips and the shopping sprees, but also for most of us, the summer jobs. Summer is the time to relax from school and not have to worry about turn in dates or essays, but one thing you have to worry about is money. Here are some ways to be smart and savvy this summer while having a blast!


If you plan on working throughout the summer but you need to save your money, download the app “Digit”. Digit is a money saving app that puts away money every day based on your spending habits so you have the money tucked away when you need it! It’s an awesome app and it makes saving money easy!


Instead of going to the mall with your friends and spending your whole paycheck, check out thrift stores and flea markets. The summer always has a ton flea markets in every area, and with old styles coming back in, it could be a great way to find new and cool clothes!


The best part about summer is how beautiful it is outside. And the best part is nature is FREE! Go on a hike or go on a picnic with your friends. Take advantage of the warm weather before the winter comes!


Another thing that could keep you busy but also save you money is crafting! Who doesn’t love to
decorate? And all my girls that love to decorate know how hard it is on your wallet. Go look for old furniture you could restore, or paint some pictures you could hang up in your house! Pinterest is my best friend in the summer, so start pinning!


If you are itching to go on vacation this summer but can’t afford it, take a weekend road trip instead. The website roadtrippers.com is a great website to help you plan a cheap easy road trip with your friends! Road Trips are a great, cheap way to have fun with your friends, especially in the summer! Depending on where you live this website could help you find a destination for the cheapest price and it will feel like a vacation!

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