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Springtime Shades and Tips: Makeup Edition

Although it has not seem much like Spring weather in Morgantown lately, the weather is slowly heating back up this week and the flowers and scents of the season are beginning to break through. The gorgeous weather we are anticipating to have for the last two weeks of school is looking a little more promising every day. But what better way to prepare for the spring and summer weather than not only purchasing new outfits and shoes, but start practicing new makeup tips too. Here are 6 necessary springtime makeup tips to alleviate your face from layers of makeup, and provide you with a lighter and more natural look!

1. Less is always more; Skip the layers of foundation and bronzer and use a very minimal layer of bronzer

Packing on mass amounts of foundation and bronzer on your face is a big no-no during the spring and summer season. You want to alleviate your face from unneccessary thick layers of products that will cause your pores to be blocked and cause acne to form. The warmer weather will cause you to sweat most of the product off of your face and adding more product to those closed pores will make your skin susceptible to break outs

2. Instead, use a layer of blush and use colors like light pink, soft oranges and light browns.

Blush can sometimes be difficult to use and is really under-played. Wearing a light springtime shade blush right along your cheekbones during this time of year really brings out the color of your eyes, and adds color to your face without the unnecessary additon of all the heavy products. It is even paired really well with the eye shadow you choose to use and carries the makeup symmetrically throughout your face.

3. Use pastel eyeshadows especially the 2014 Pantone Spring Color Wheel, but remember use minimally!

Springtime is always aimed towards a more natural face. You want to incorporate pastels and spring colors like pinks, lavendars, mints, yellows, light oranges and sometimes pair those shades with a vibrant color on the corner of your lids. Designers during New York Fashion Week played with pastel colors on their lids and then complementing the color with vibrant blues and purples to dramatize the eye. I personally think sticking with the pastels is always the way to go and then if you want to add the vibrant color to make your eyes pop, use a color eyeliner or use only in the corners of your lids.

4. Lay back on the pencil and liquid eyeliner

Black is not your best friend when the winter weather decides to break and the sun comes out to stay for a few months. The dark colors are what you always want to stay away from when you transition from colder to warmer months. Do not pile on a ton of black eyeliner and do not pile on a ton of liquid eyeline or create cat-eyes or wing tips. Makeup is to be minimal during this time of year. The addition of dark colors will clash with the natural colors of spring. If you want your eyes to pop wear an extra layer of mascara with absolutely no liner and a bright eye shadow!

5. It's all about the lips

Springtime is the perfect time to experiment with different lip shades! Don't be afraid to wear the Pantone color of the year Radiant Orchid on your lips or any of the pastel and vibrant colors on the color wheel. Orange lips were huge during New York Fashion Week for 2014, as well as deep purples, bright blues, and yes even yellows. You dont have to worry about your eyes or cheeks when you focus on your lips. Wear minimal makeup to not overpower your face, then add the pop of color with a pastel or vibrant neon lip shade!

6. Although not technically considered a "makeup", play with eccentric patterns and colors on your nails during this season

Having your nails and toe nails perfectly manicured suring spring and summer seasons are a big deal. You are now wearing open-toed shoes and possibly working a spring and summer job that requires your nails to be upkept. Play around with different stencils and add iconic designs to your nails during this season. The nails can make just as much as a difference as your makeup does, so do not forget to keep up with them as well during this season!

Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Business Administration Senior at West Virginia University From Pittsburgh PA
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