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Spenser Wempe

This week’s campus celebrity is a very familiar face on campus at West Virginia University, 2011 former Miss West Virginia’s Spenser Wempe. Spenser is a 21-year-old junior from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. She is double majoring in International Studies and Political Science. She is also involved with Student Government as a member of the “Revolution Party.” Spenser says, “One incredible thing about West Virginia is that the entire state really does rally behind WVU. People are incredibly proud to be a mountaineer, and that is something I absolutely love about this university.”


Q: What made you decide to come to WVU?

A: I decided to stay in West Virginia to pursue Miss West Virginia. After Miss West Virginia (you’re required to take a year off of school), it made more sense to stay in West Virginia with the Promise Scholarship, my Miss West Virginia scholarships, and a few others so I could I graduate debt free.


Q: What is your involvement on campus?

A: I currently sit on the Student Board of Governors and serve on the Bureau of Finance. Additionally, I’m the Head Delegate for the Model United Nations Team of WVU. I’m also part of Young Democrats and Student Advocates for Legislative Advancement.


Q: What made you want the title of being Miss WV?

A: Originally I never expected nor wanted to be Miss West Virginia. I decided to compete on a whim just to try something new and step out of my comfort zone. I ended up placing 1st runner up. When I saw that it was actually feasible and the scholarships I could win, I decided it was something I wanted to pursue.


Q: What type of charity work did you do as miss WV?

A: As Miss West Virginia you serve on the WV PASS committee as part of the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts. I spoke to schools across West Virginia; I primarily spoke about my platform, The Wounded Warrior Project and Veterans Welfare. I did community service at VA Hospital and other veteran’s organizations across the country including in West Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, California, and Hawaii. Also, as Miss West Virginia you serve as the Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the WVU Children’s Hospital.


Q: Why did you want to be apart of student government at WVU?

A:  I choose to get involved with SGA because when I came here as a transfer student I wanted to immerse myself in campus life. I thought SGA would be a good starting place for me here at WVU.


Q: What position do you hold and what do you have to do being on Student Government?

A: I’m on the Board of Governors. We serve as the Legislative body of Student Government. Like the federal government, SGA has executive, legislative, and judicial branches. We each have individual platforms that we work on individually in addition to passing resolutions that are sent to the Institutional Board of Governors and the University President. I also sit on the Bureau of Finance. We make access applications for Student Organization Grants and handle the SGA budget.


Q: What is your dream job?

A: To work for non-governmental organization in community development and women’s issue in a less developed country. I’d also love to work on policy in the U.S. State Department


Q: What is a fun fact about you?

A: I’ve traveled to all 50 states and 14 countries. 


Q: Do you have any advice for future pageant girls?

A: My advice would be to just be more than the stereotype. It’s a lot more than just a crown and sash, but you have to really care in order to go the extra mile and use it make a difference both for others and in your own life. 

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