Regrettable Purchases

Trends come and go. We spend money to buy what is in style, and then spend more to buy whatever comes out the next season. Sometimes we splurge, or sometimes we head to Forever 21 for a cheap fix of the latest trend.

It’s basically the circle of life. 

Yet there are some purchases that, looking back at it now, we flat out regret. We saw, we saved, and we regretted. These are the purchases we HAD to have, and HAD to beg our parents to get us. And an older, wiser woman now realizes they were over priced, a waste of money, and most importantly a major regret. 

P.S. I put the price next to it so you can feel even more buyers remorse. 

Uggs: A new pair every season and to brag how comfy they are

Price: $150

Juicy Track Suits: With the tackiest saying and the brightest color

Price: $260

Juicy Velour Purses: To prove your "couture"

Price: $170

Coach Shoes: Because wearing it on your arm wasn't enough

Price: $95

Tiffany Heart Necklace: Just to show you got a Blue Box and show someone loves you

Price: $455

Miss Me Jeans: Bling was the thing, a lot of bling

Price: $100-$150

Victoria Secret Sweats: Because a 7th grader's butt needs to have writing on it

Price: $45

Abercrombie Anything: A Moose makes any plain t-shirt $30 better

Price: $35 and up

Ed Hardy: To fulfill our Britney Spears, LA wannabe dreams

Price: $65


Oh the regret....