Pocket-Friendly Fall Dates For Broke College Kids

Having a tight budget should not have to mean sacrifices, especially when it comes to spending time with your loved ones. Even though this is a date article, all of these activities can be done with friends and family.


  1. Make S’mores.

  2. Build and decorate a gingerbread house together.

  3. Have a cook-off.

  4. Pancake Breakfast Date.

  5. Bake cookies, decorate them and eat them with warm milk.

  6. Enjoy a chocolate fondue.

  7. Bake holiday treats. 


The Arts:

  1. Visit a museum.

  2. Go see a live event.

  3. Go to a film festival.

  4. Go to a slam poetry night.

  5. Paint & Sip at home or a craft shop (take this opportunity to create your own holiday decorations and ornaments to decorate your space).

  6. If you are like Monica and not so much like Ross, create a holiday card together!

The outdoors:

  1. Visit a new coffee shop (+ bring a book).

  2. Bowling (for free in the Mountainlair during Up All Night).

  3. Go on a star-gazing date.

  4. Build a Snowman (+ snow fight).

  5. Go Ice Skating.

  6. Go on a walk in a park or to see Christmas lights.



Staying indoors:

  1. Blanket Fort Movie Night (Do I hear Disney marathon?) with the ultimate hot chocolate. 

  2. Decorate a Christmas tree.

  3. Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen.




  1. Visit the nearest major city near you and see their Christmas tree lighting.

  2. Plan a spontaneous weekend get-away (buses offer holiday and student discounts).

  3. Go on a Groupon date.

Sports & Exercise:

  1. Go to a game. 

  2. Attend a fitness class together.


  1. Hit Black Friday shopping together.

  2. Visit a winter local market.

  3. Shop for holiday gifts together (+wrap them).

Now you really don’t have an excuse to spend time together. Go enjoy, but always remember to stay warm and safe this holiday season!


Edited by Sydney Keener