Phases of Finals Week

Phase One: Believing you will study early, telling yourself you will study early, and not studying early.

Phase Two: Realizing your test is within 24 hours.

Phase Three: Getting to the library to find there are no seats, and these seats haven't, and won't, be given up for three days.

Phase Four: Begin to study.

Phase Five: Within five minutes of studying, thinking "Where have I been this whole time?"

Phase Six: I'll go to Eliza's, caffeine will help me focus.

Phase Seven: Caffeine has really helped me focus on Buzzfeed.

Phase Eight: I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Phase Nine: Who needs sleep when you have studying to do?

Phase Ten: I need sleep.

Phase Eleven: I've done all I've could, and that's what I'll tell my parents.