An Open Letter to Incoming WVU Freshman

Dear incoming freshman,

Get ready to have the time of your life. You will meet your best friends that are your ride or dies, have some of the most amazing professors that can influence you for your future career, and experience the wild and wonderful of West Virginia in so many ways. I cannot begin to describe how this school has changed my life and made me mature in ways I could not even imagine. Once moving into my dorm here, I knew I was home. The school spirit in Morgantown is one of the best parts of the university. Every student, alumni, and professor is extremely passionate about the university and the Mountaineers. Speaking of Mountaineers, sports is one of the huge aspects that a freshman can expect when coming to WVU. Football season is one of the most valued seasons here at WVU. With a successful football team causing plenty of hype in the stands and tailgating all day, game day is a holy day in Morgantown.

Same goes for basketball season as well, all Mountaineers are supportive of all sports which brings even more school spirit. There are so many organizations students can join as well, such as Greek life, Student Government Association, and even Her Campus! Getting involved is an important part of college and it helps you meet plenty of new people. As an incoming freshman coming from high school, be prepared to step up the work ethic. College students are loaded with work for all majors which might be a change from high school work. Make sure to not procrastinate, it will be hard to catch up on all of your work!

Morgantown truly is a special place. It is quite unique for and is the perfect definition of a college town. There are various clubs, bars, clothing boutiques, and plenty of food shops that crave a broke college students hunger. Be prepared to save some money to go out with friends and spend money for whatever is needed. Most college students are all in the same boat of being broke, so be prepared when coming to WVU that it may be likely to be in that boat.  

I bet you have a countdown on your phone for when move in day is, I know I did. College is such an exciting time and truly is the best four years of your life. You are learning about what your dream job will be consisting of and also having the time of your life with the closest friends you have. WVU truly is not the real world though, which makes the time here even better. It is a college kids fantasy which makes it so great to be a student here. Within the great academics and organization to the amazing social life, you will have stories upon stories to tell your children and grandchildren about this place. The wild and wonderful of West Virginia University is like nothing else.