October 2019: A Month In Review


Selena Gomez kept everyone waiting for four years before releasing new music, but one song made it worth the wait. Lose You to Love Me is a piece of art full of raw emotion. Explaining her experience in regards to her and Justin Bieber’s breakup, Selena opened up to her audience in a way that most artists are not willing to do. “In two months you replaced us, like it was easy, made me think I deserved it, in the thick of healing.” This stanza alone essentially envelopes the reality of a breakup. Selena Gomez also released a song titled Look at Her Now, the complete opposite of her other single. Look at Her Now is the comeback song where Gomez basically tells us that she’s that b*tch. Releasing these two songs sent the message that heartbreak is the reality of life, but growth and healing are the most important aspects of a breakup.


Nearly entering November, ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was declared dead following a joint raid by the United States military and Syrian Democratic Forces. Originally, United States special forces and government officials believed that he was killed by soldiers, but a defense official present stated that it seemed as though al-Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest during the raid. Neither group has released the name of the operation, its initial intentions or any other information for that matter. Regardless of the way in which al-Baghdadi was killed, this mission and event will be marked in history for many years to come.


This month, Simone Biles set records that may have dubbed her the best gymnast of men and women everywhere. The 22-year-old from Columbus, Ohio had a performance no less than spectacular at the World Championships where she debuted two moves never attempted by another gymnast during a competition. Biles now holds more world titles than any other gymnast, having won 25 titles. It should also be noted that she holds more World all-around titles than any other gymnast. At the age of 16, after winning her first all-around title, she became the first African-American woman to win the world all-around title. By breaking barriers and being a strong woman inside and out of the gym, Simone Biles is a fierce role model for young girls and boys everywhere.


A decade has passed and it is still fascinating that Kris Jenner was able to market her daughters with no notable talents into multi-billionaires, but even so, the Kardashians still have to create products to maintain their brand and income. Mid-October, Kim Kardashian-West released an underwear brand called SKIMS. The company has aimed at being all-inclusive by having sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL, while also sporting a wide range of skin tone colors for their panties, bras, bralettes and shapewear. SKIMS offers a standard price point for underwear, comparable to Victoria’s Secret prices.


Edited by Madison Greer