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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

“Not all heroes wear capes” the phrase that’s been attached to hilarious memes and serious news photos. However, this isn’t a meme and this isn’t a news story. This is a love letter and declaration of admiration to the woman in my life who is the ultimate superhero, my mother.

She’s a mother to 5. A volunteer at our local elementary, middle, and high school. A part time substitute teacher. A history and political buff. A literary genius. A musical connoisseur. An activist. A lover and a fighter at the same time. But most importantly she’s my best friend and someone that I aspire to be once or if I ever become a parent.

My four younger brothers and I have raised in the most wonderful upbringing. Our parents have given us everything and more in regards to love, compassion, and grace. But somewhere in these years i’ve truly noticed something special about the way my mom has raised us. The lessons that we’ve learned are things that will be useful to us until the end of time.

She’s taught us to love, and to love hard. Regardless of who they were, where they’ve come from, or what they’ve been through. The art of acceptance has been coursing through our veins since our abilities to speak and interact with others.

She’s taught us that being you is nothing to be ashamed of. You can be a boy who plays with rainbow looms and belts out the entire Platinum album by Miranda Lambert. You can be a girl who doesn’t want to be married or have kids. You can be whoever the hell you want to be and that’s okay.

She’s taught us the ability to speak out and stand up.  You don’t have to take everything that everyone says. Now you don’t have to be nasty to testify against, but you can stand up for yourself and have your own thoughts. She’s taught us that having your own opinions and ideals isn’t a crime, it’s a blessing.

She’s taught us the art of positivity. The light may be small and it may be at the longest of tunnels but it’s there, you just have to make your way towards it. Thank you for always keeping us where the light is and reminding us that even on the darkest days the sun will always shine from within.

I could not be more thankful for the ideals you’ve taught us over the years. I know that at the age of 20 I may act like I know everything, but i’m always ready for another lesson from you. Your forever praise and endless appreciation for life is something that i’ll always admire until the end of time. So yeah, not all heroes wear capes but my mom should. 

My name's Kayla, but I prefer Kay. I'm a senior public relations major with an emphasis in event planning and a minor in political science. I enjoy iced vanilla chais from Dunkin, sleepy voices, and people with great Instagram aesthetics / Spotify playlists. I'm a sister of AOII, the strategic communications intern for the WVU Student Life communications office, a coffee slingin barista at Tutto Gelato Cafe, and a writer for the local magazine club. Life's short, talk fast. 
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