Men of Frat Row

Meet the men of WVU Greek Life! We looked into the fraternities with houses on frat row. From the input from girls on campus, here is how we would best describe these frats!



Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network

Best Party: USAE

Hottest Member: Adam Lynch

Face of the Fraternity: Michael Lynch, Brian Arndt, Brandon Sard

Sweetheart: Delta Gamma

In three words: Gentlemen, Fratty, Well-dressed

KA “ The Order”

Founded: 1865

Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy

Best Party: Fallfest

Hottest Member: Clinton Jones

Face of the Fraternity: Austin Summerhill, Matt Palmer, Perry Campanella

Sweetheart: Sigma Kappa

In three words: Polite, Southern, Rowdy

Phi Sig 

Founded: 1873

Philanthropy: Special Olympics

Best Party: YoGlo

Hottest Member: Chris Perkins

Face of the Fraternity: Andy Dietrick, Michael “Wookie” Jeffries, Mike Colombo

Sweetheart: Chi Omega

In three words: Chill, trippy, carefree


Founded: 1899

Philanthropy:  St. Judes/ Alzheimer’s Association

Best Party: Beach Party

Hottest Member: Casey Shelton

Face of the Fraternity: Vince Yock, Brennan Long, Scott Zenn

Sweetheart: Delta Gamma

In three words: Partiers, Cool, Outgoing

Sigma Chi

Founded: 1855

Philanthropy:  Derby Days

Best Party: Plasters

Hottest Member: Tom Sims

Face of the Fraternity: Justin Ray, Tyler Robey, Michael McKenna

Sweetheart: Delta Gamma/ Alpha Phi

In three words: Fratty, Rich, Wild


Founded: 1868

Philanthropy: Wounded Warriors Project

Best Party: Turkey Spur

Hottest Member: Anthony Thompson 

Face of the Fraternity: Brandon Saddler, Matt Elder, Mike Radey

Sweetheart: Alpha Phi

In three words: Scholars, Athletes, Gentlemen

Kappa Sig

Founded:  1869

Philanthropy: Military Heros

Best Party: Margaritaville

Hottest Member: Shea Cassady

Face of the Fraternity: Brian Lee, Brandon Mong, Brandon Altiere

Sweetheart: Kappa Kappa Gamma / Delta Gamma

In three words: Sexual, Macho, Handsome

Sigma Nu

Founded: 1869

Philanthropy: Helping Hand

Best Party: Wine Wednesday

Hottest Member: Colby Bradshaw

Face of the Fraternity: Tyler Elvin, Ty Ortiga, Grant Nugent

Sweetheart: Delta Gamma

In three words: Friendly, Well-rounded, Smart

Theta Chi

Founded: 1856

Philanthropy: Starlights Children Philanthropy

Best Party: Theta Chi Thursday

Hottest Member: Taylor Lindsay

Face of the Fraternity: Anthony Cifre, Will Spellman, Nick Posterli

Sweetheart: Alpha Xi Delta

In three words: Enjoyable, Patriotic, Lively


Founded: 1904

Philanthropy:  Wounded Warrior Project

Best Party: Hog Roast

Hottest Member: Travis Sodon

Face of the Fraternity: Lee Bridget, Griffin Murphy, Kyle Bill Berstch

Sweetheart: Chi Omega

In three words: Country, Friendly, Boozers


Founded: 1839

Philanthropy:  Local Homeless Shelter

Best Party: Beta Tuesday

Hottest Member: Zach Lefever

Face of the Fraternity: David “Tex” Messerly, Ricky Schultz, AJ Railing

Sweetheart: Chi Omega

In three words: Athletic, Personable, Fun-loving