A look at failure

Everybody has their own image of success in their head. Whether it is success from external or internal sources, we have all felt the need to accomplish our goals and reach our dreams. When speaking of success, however, you cannot ignore the suggestion of failure that hangs around as well.

Every day hundreds of thousands of dreams are put on hold because someone hesitates to act due to the fear of failure. In reality, this is a totally silly reason to not go out there and get what you want. If you are out every day working hard with the hopes that one day you can make something of yourself, then do not put a timeline on your failure or success: take any and every opportunity that presents itself to you and if it sticks then that is great, but if it does not then that is okay too.

For more reasons than one, failing is necessary on the path to accomplishment and achievement. You cannot reach true success if you have never failed: people who have always had things given to them and not had to go out and get things on their own do not know real failure and therefore cannot know real success.

The majority of successful people in our society do not tell you a story of growing up not knowing what it is like to go through life with no obstacles, in fact, a lot of the most accomplished people in the world came from very little and made themselves into the person we see today.

Most of us are born into lives that provide us with the privilege of seeing failure first-hand—I refer to having seen failure as a privilege because this factor is what pushes most people to get better and make the best out of their situations and eventually their lives.

Through trial and error, these people have built legacies that the entirety of the word failing is completely acceptable. Without failure, how would one learn from their mistakes? If there is nothing to be learned from, then we can never get better or push ourselves towards greater successes. Instead of fearing failure as a whole, embrace the possibility that you could fail and if you do, see what there is to learn from those mistakes.