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Living Alone In College: Perks and Downsides

Living with people is hard. You’re constantly fighting over where to put the kitchen towels or have different ideas of how to keep the apartment clean. If you’re thinking of living by yourself, but don’t know if it’s right for you, I’m here to give you all the details of what living by yourself is really like. 


Perk: No messy roommates

No disgusting dirty dishes or random clothing articles lying around the house. Unless, of course, they’re your dirty dishes and random clothes, then you’ll get to those whenever you please.


Downside: Have to clean by yourself

No more splitting up chores. Everything falls back to you. It might be a tiny apartment but it can be overwhelming.


Perk: Decorate however you want

One of the most frustrating things when you first move in with someone is trying to decide how to decorate. After you get all of your items in the apartment, there ends up being a lot of mismatched furniture and random kitchen pots and pans. The people you live with will probably have completely different ideas of where to put everything and you’ll be left wondering why you even brought your stuff in the first place.


Downside: No One To Split the Bills With

Living alone can be very expensive. Not only does the rent cost more, but you will also have to cover any other additional expenses (parking, cable/wifi, electric, water, etc.) alone. It might not seem bad at first, but when your bank account starts running low and you’re faced with the decision of eating that week or paying your bills by the deadline, you’ll see what I mean.


Perk: No noise when you need the apartment to be quiet

No more karaoke or parties when you’re trying to study for a big exam. All the peace and quiet you could ever need.


Downside: Always have to go out for a party

Your tiny apartment can’t hold your bffs, let alone everyone you’ve ever known to make a good house party. So, you’ll always have to walk to any party you want to go to. This is good because you’re place won’t get trashed but bad because you’ll have to pay for an Uber home.


Perk: No pants

Let’s agree, this is by far the best advantage of living alone. Big tees and no pants=perfection (especially because there will be no random people in the living room wondering if you’re wearing pants). You have all the space to sing and dance by yourself to your favorite songs.


Downside: Have to deal with any problems alone

Toilet won’t stop running? Up to you to figure it out. Is there a huge spider on the wall? Either it’s up to you to take care of it or leave.


Perk: You do not have to clean up right away

If you want to leave your dirty laundry scattered around the house and dishes overflowing the sink, there’s nothing stopping you.


Downside: Probably in a tiny studio 

This probably leads to no one ever wanting to come over because there’s no seating and they end up standing in the middle of what is your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. 


Perk: No one stealing your things

Never again will you have to lock your door because you can’t trust your roommate to not use your printer or go into your closet and take whatever they want without telling you. Never again will you fill unsafe in your apartment or dread being there.


Downside: Have to buy new stuff

Instead of only having to buy half of everything needed to live in an apartment, you now have to buy everything. All the condiments and coffee supplies, all the pots and pans, all the furniture, etc.


Overall, if you can afford to bear all the downsides and the expensive price, living alone is so worth it.

Kristen completed her undergraduate degree in journalism at West Virginia University in May 2019. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at WVU. During undergrad, she was the managing editor of Her Campus at WVU and editor-in-chief of Mirage Magazine in the 2018-2019 year. Kristen is currently the student editor at 100 Days in Appalachia and a freelance writer for West Virginia-based publications. Previously, she has served as the communications and marketing intern for the WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, a writing and editing intern for New South Media and a photographer for the Daily Athenaeum. She is an avid fan of alt-rock, photography and advocating for women's equality and the prevalence of solutions journalism. Kristen hopes to one day report on internet culture and technology. 
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