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Lauryn Donnelly

Name: Lauryn Donnelly

Hometown: Old Tappan, dirty jerz

Major: Fashion Merchandising, Business minor

Favorite Food: McDonalds medium number 2 with no mustard or pickles… extra sweet and sour sauce when on a budget. Butterfly cut filet mignon with mashed potatoes and mushrooms on a brighter day. Extra A1 sauce.

Dream Vacation: Private villa in Mykonos, Greece

Drink of choice: Gin and tonic with AT LEAST half a lemon

A secret talent I have is: I like to consider myself a puppy whisperer

The song I would sing in karaoke is: most likely a Destiny’s Child or 50 cent throwback because who could hate on that

My favorite WVU memory: When the confetti poured down on the crowd during Pretty Lights at Fall Fest

My most embarrassing moment: Ripping my jeans right under my left cheek while out at Lux ☺

It’s Friday night, you’ll find me: starting off at my house on Spruce then wandering downtown somewhere, rolling deep with a bunch of pretty girls

Dating Status: single ;)

The most romantic thing I’ve ever done is: kissed in the rain, cliché ya I know

My favorite part about the opposite sex: sense of humor, good looks, maybe a little scruff

Celebrity Crush: Rihanna

A quote that defines me: If you’re not pissing someone off, you probably aren’t doing anything important

Twitter Name: @lauryndonnelly

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