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The Joke Behind “Finding Yourself”

Everyone has seen their fair share of chick flicks with the standard “Going-Across-The-World-To-Find-Myself-After-A-Bad-Breakup” scene. You’ve heard the jokes. You’ve probably even made the jokes.. But have you ever thought about the actual idea behind it?

Traveling is not just for people who are on business, or ambitious honors students. It is for you.

There are millions of things in the world that you have never seen, and never will if you don’t go find them. You’ve had your identity crises, your ups and downs, and your lowest lows. But have you explored?



The best part of traveling is finding things about other cultures that you already love. So many things you do and use every day could have been given to you by a different part of the world. But what’s more is that you get to find things that were meant for you that you never even knew existed.


We all know a dramatic friend who loves to talk about their soul’s health, and their shakras. There is NOTHING wrong with all that, but it might not be for you. However, you should never believe that you aren’t cut out for finding out who you are in different places.

It is so important to search for different things that make up your whole. Not only places, but people and experiences. Trying new things puts a new perspective on your personality as well as your life. Don’t just back away because you feel a little anxious about things that are unfamiliar.

The most important part of finding yourself is being aware of what you want. No one really knows what they truly want until they experiment a little with what the world has to offer you. It is okay to have limits, but don’t force yourself to stay in the same little bubble.

You can’t find anything if you don’t look for it.

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