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It’s More About Quality than Quantity at This Local “Hot Spot”

Not many restaurants on West Virginia Universities campus serve organic, and locally purchased products. One exception is Richwood Grill located on Richwood Avenue tucked away behind campus. Although many of the items on their menu aren’t student budget friendly, the quality of the produce and meats they serve are always seasonal, and always top quality.

The owners, originally West Virginia natives, moved to Seattle, Washington for a few years but now reside in the college city of Morgantown. Their motto is to serve dished inspired by other cultures made with local products, and stand strong to their deeply settled roots in the mountain state.

Having the chance to explore this wondrous establishment has helped me appreciate the importance of buying locally purchased products to give back to the community I live in.

Since most college students are on a tight budget, visiting Richwood grill should be saved for special occasions and celebrations. Their menu is constantly changing hitting notes from each continent and providing a wide variety of spirits from all over the world.

We are coming from a place in modern society where we are too focused on quick and cheap meals rather than quality and satisfaction; not only for our health but for fiscal reasons. We all too easily forget about local farms and unconsciously buy into the large corporations who are mass-producing the foods we consume because it’s convenient. Is that selfish? I must say so, although I would be a hypocrite if I said I never ate at fast food restaurants.

I can really appreciate the attitude of this small town and locally owned business and suggest it to anyone who has this mind set about the food that they eat. It’s more about quality than quantity at Richwood.

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