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It’s Okay to Be the D.U.F.F.

Designated Ugly Fat Friend, “if you don’t know who it is, it’s probably you.”

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Have you ever felt like there was nobody by your side? So have millions of other girls across the world. It’s a hard feeling to kick but at one time or another; everyone will experience that horrific feeling of being unwanted. It’s how you overcome it that’s important.


There’s nothing more devastating than finding out the one boy who you find the sweetest and most caring has been using you to get to another one of your “prettier” friends. There’s nothing you don’t have that she does, I promise. Life just has a silly way of working things out. Don’t let the opinion of one lower your self-confidence.


It’s time to work on that confidence. If you’re going to be known as the designated ugly fat friend (even if it isn’t an accurate representation of who you are), own it and rock it while you’re at it.  Show them that you’re satisfied with your body and your personality. Show them that nothing, no matter how powerful it may be, can knock you down. Stay away from negativity and bring on that positivity that they all know you have because sooner or later you’re going to find those friends and that boy of your dreams who don’t even think of the acronym D.U.F.F. when they think of you.

Be proud of who you are. There will be girls who will judge you for not wearing as much make up as them, not wearing nice enough clothes to your classes, and of course not being skinny enough. Those criteria don’t make you less of a person than anyone else. If all you can do is roll out of bed to brush your teeth and your hair before your 8:30, you’re doing better than most.


Trying to fit the “it” girl standards is close to impossible and becomes overwhelming so become the ultimate D.U.F.F. instead of trying to fight it. Embrace it, they have no idea what they’re missing.

I am originally from Westchester, New York. I came to WVU for my undergrad in Strategic Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations and a minor in Sports Communication. My involvment on campus includes blogging for Her Campus, a sister of Alpha Phi, the assistant director of the media team on the Mountaineer Maniacs executive board and lastly, an athletic communications intern with the WVU Athletic Communications office. I will be graduating in May of 2017 and I am looking forward to getting started with my future career in Journalism and Public Relations!
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