I'm From: The Assumptions of a WVU Student's Home

When I came to WVU, I can honestly say I was free from opinion of where people were from. I was from the mid west, hailing from Colorado, and had no idea that so many people outside West Virginia would come to WVU. I soon realized many do, and the many that did had a stereotype attached. As soon as you say “I’m from....” assumptions begin, and usually a bonehead question follows. Some of these assumptions may be true, and some may seem unrealistically fake, but nonetheless students at WVU hear them daily.

“I’m from New York”

Yankees suck

Do you live in the city?

Do you know how to drive or do you just take the subway everywhere?

Say the word coffee

“I’m from New Jersey”

Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore?

You must tan a lot

There’s nothing different about your bagels

Go home

“I’m from Maryland”

Do you play lacrosse?

Do you eat crabs all the time?

Is Vineyard Vines your favorite store?

You must like Old Bay Huh?

“I’m from Virginia”

You must be a rich spoiled girl

Do your parents work for the government?

How big is your house?

Does your Daddy pay for everything?

“I’m from Pennsylvania”

Oh you’re an Eagles fan or Oh you’re a Steelers fan

Do you like Cheesesteaks?

Pitt sucks

So you live by Amish people?

“I’m from Ohio”


“I’m from West Virginia”

Don't you marry your cousins there?

Have you ever seen the Wonderful Whites?

So you live up a holler?

I can hear your accent