How to Tame the Frizz: The Essential Products for Girls with Thick Hair

If you're attending an 80s-themed party, frizzy hair might be a look. However, we're all the way in 2019, and for those who struggle with coarse hair daily, the mane can be quite a pain. 

Growing up, I would dread the time when my mom had to brush my hair after I took a shower. She would have to section out each layer just in order to get all the tangles and knots out of my thick hair. I would scream and cry and often run away to hide under the bed. Now that I have grown up, I have discovered so many tips and products that help me get through brushing and styling my hair without shedding a tear.


Before diving into solutions, it's best to understand what’s going on. According to Hair Directory, within a hair shaft (the visible part of the hair) are three layers: the medulla, cortex and cuticle. Beginning with the innermost layer, the medulla is made of loosely connected keratin cells. Keratin is a tough protein that provides shape and structure to each strand of hair. In some cases, where hair is thinner, the medulla may not be there. Moving outward is the cortex; hair color is determined by pigment found here. Finally, there is the cuticle. According to Mo Knows Hair, hair becomes frizzy when the cuticle, or outmost layer made of overlapping keratin scales, rises, allowing moisture to pass through and this process causes strands to swell.

So, what’s a girl to do to tackle the unwanted volume?

1. Remember the Conditioner 

Cosmopolitan recommends looking into conditioners that contain hydrating ingredients like glycerin, coconut oil and shea butter. Using conditioner in the shower can not only help fight against frizz but also detangle and enhance the shiny texture. Just remember to keep it away from your roots, oils are already there to keep them moisturized! Applying the product from the middle of the hair shaft and down should do the trick.

A type to try is the Healthy Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner (Ulta, $16).

This product not only leaves your hair super smooth and knot-free, but it also keeps your hair healthy. If you flat iron or curl your hair every day it leaves your hair damaged and fried. This shampoo is sulfate-free and helps restore your nasty split ends.


Maybe you don’t want to wash your hair as often but still want the silky effect of conditioner. In this case, check out It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner (Ulta, $19).

This stuff is actually a miracle. With thick hair, knots and tangles are a very common issue. This leave-in product makes your hair so easy to brush through and leaves it silky and smelling so good. It is a little more on the pricey side for a bigger bottle, but so worth it.


2. Brush Upside Down

Another tip Cosmopolitan provides is to brush your hair upside down. Doing this will distribute oils from the roots to the rest of your hair. It is important to note not all brushes work for everyone, and that combs shouldn’t be your go-to if you are trying to avoid a puffed-up hairdo.

Looking for a new brush? Try Wet Brush (Ulta, $14).

Out of every product I have discovered this is my favorite. My least favorite thing in the whole world is when I get knots and have to yank a comb through it. My head is sensitive, and this brush is a life saver when it comes to that. I don’t know how it does it, but this brush will go through your hair without you having to stop for tangles or knots. It is a girl’s best friend.



3. Wrap Hair in Silk or Towel 

This one could be fun when you’re feeling fancy. Cotton pillowcases can suck moisture from your hair. You can help minimize the morning frizz by wearing a bun to bed and then sleeping with it wrapped in a silk scarf.

For a more casual wrap, look into Turbie Twist (Target, $8).

Waiting for your thick hair to dry after you get out of the shower is a complete pain in the booty. My hair can personally take anywhere from two hours to four hours to dry, so I make sure to always have one of these handy wherever I am. Unlike a normal towel that wraps your hair up, this one has a loop in the back, so it can hold all your thick hair up in the towel.


4. Dry Later

An easy fix to avoid the frizz is to start blow-drying your hair when it is more than halfway dry. According to Marie-Claire, it is less damaging to pre-dry with a towel and use a hand to comb through your hair before using a brush. After this process, it is best to start brushing from your roots downwards.

A great blow-dryer to test is the Babyliss Ceramic Hair Dryer: Ulta, $75

When I say this hair dryer could blow your socks off, I am not kidding. This is the most powerful tool I have ever owned. It can dry my hair in 30 minutes, and that’s saying a lot considering it normally takes me two hours with a Walmart clearance blow dryer. Like I said before, thick hair takes forever to dry, and this will make your life so much easier.

5. Protect Hair from Heat 

If you use styling tools like flat irons and curling wands, it is best to protect your hair to ensure minimal damage. Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press (Ulta, $18) offers a solution to the heat problem, plus a little something extra. This product is a 2-in-1. It not only protects your hair from heat, but it also acts as a flexible hairspray that keeps your hair in place after you put in all the hard work. 

So, now what? Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo (Ulta, $6) is the way to go.

After you have done all the work with your thick hair, why would you look forward to doing it all over again? Stock up on bottles of dry shampoo in order to make your hair last sometimes up to a week. Hint: Get the kind with the color tint, that way it blends right in with your hair.


If you are still not happy with your hair, there are plenty of home remedies and in-store treatments to try, but it is important to not get too frustrated because frizzy can also be fabulous.