How To Stay Healthy & Fit Over Thanksgiving Break The Right Way

Thanksgiving is finally coming up, and it’s that time of year when you get to see your family again and have some home-cooked food that the dining halls could never compare to. However, it is still important to care about your body and stay healthy, especially when you have access to all of your favorite dishes. Read further on how to stay healthy and ways to incorporate exercise into your Thanksgiving Break.


 Healthier Options 

There are some easy ways to reduce the calories on your plate. You can choose white meat without skin instead of dark. Make sure to add more vegetables on the side since they are full of fiber. This will fill you up if you eat them before the high-calorie foods. Some other tips are to give any extra food to a food bank or putting away all of the food after a meal to prevent snacking later on. The best way to feel confident about what you're eating is to make it yourself! Here are some healthy recipes under 200 calories. 


The best type of exercise is fun! Try going out with friends you haven't seen in a while and go ice skating or join a race together, such as the 5k Turkey Trot. If you have pets, you can go on a walk or run together. By doing activities with loved ones, it makes sure that you aren’t obsessing over how to fit exercise in when you're spending time with your family.

 Mindful Eating Habits 

Some advice from Cami Haught, the registered dietitian that works with WVU Dining Services, and WVU Dietetic interns Mary-Kate Barker and Jae Kim, is to not starve yourself all day and then eat yourself into a food coma -- which some people think is the best choice. It is much healthier to eat a small breakfast and a snack beforehand, that way you won’t have all of your meals of the day in one sitting. Another tip is that you should drink a cup of water before your meal and have a smaller plate. That way you're not piling all of the delicious food up at once and overeating.