How to Make Your Summer Wardrobe Fall Again

The transition from the hazy, dry summer days to the crisp autumn evenings comes before you know it. As pumpkin spice lattes and apple pie become the meal of choice, summer is not as far in hindsight as it may seem. Utilize your entire wardrobe this season before you pack away your tanks and flip-flops.


1. Layers on layers on layers

Wear your favorite summer tank under a light cardigan. You can wear a jacket and scarf if it’s chilly to top off the look! By layering, you can wear more of your summer clothes while still rocking the autumn style we all can’t deny we love. Even if the colors don’t necessarily scream fall, you can wear basic dark colors to accent the summer prints, making your outfit look more relaxed and balanced.

2. Don’t pack away your shorts just yet, ladies.

Thinking that your jean shorts are a little too short for autumn? Have no fear, there are ways to make it work. Sometimes, autumn will throw a warm day here and there, so pairing up a pair of jean shorts with a patterned long sleeve or cozy sweater will look stylish and comfortable. Or, you could wear printed shorts with a solid color long sleeve or sweater as well, adding a spice to the typical autumn look.

3. Don’t let your dresses disappear!

Dresses scream spring and summer, but they can scream autumn too. Try wearing a dress with a long cardigan, scarf and boots. You will be warm, especially if you wear fuzzy socks, and look put together in a matter of 5 minutes. If it’s too warm for a scarf, try to add a statement necklace and layered necklaces to your ensemble.

4. For men: Khakis are key.

Khaki shorts are perfect for the summer season, providing a solid look for any shirt of choice, but it is even better for the fall. To utilize your khakis, wear the shorts with a dress long sleeve shirt, fleece or sweater. Your top may be warm, but the shorts will give you some air to breathe without sweating to death. Also, if you’re wearing closed toe shoes, you will be warm and ready to take on the day.


Fall wardrobe choices can be difficult to apply to your summer looks, since heat is not a friend of sweaters, but this time of year is my favorite because you can wear most of your wardrobe in the autumn temperature. Happy Fall, ya’ll!