How to make money without leaving your bed

Most college students struggle to make ends meet. On campus jobs might not suit everyone, a lot of students don’t have access to cars and others simply don’t have time to fit a job into their schedule. However, almost every college student has a smartphone, or access to a laptop. There are a few apps that can help you make extra money without even leaving the comfort of your bed.

  1. Acorns

Acorns is an investing app. Once you set up an account and link it to your bank account (don’t worry, it’s totally safe and approved!) you can get started. Acorns takes the leftover change from a purchase you make on your card and saves it for you. It invests the leftover change so it grows the longer you leave it in your account. For example, if you buy a coffee for $3.70, Acorns takes the leftover 30 cents and rounds it up. You won’t notice the change missing, but it adds up fast. This is a super easy way to save your own money without doing a thing! You can cash out your money at any time, but it’s better to leave the money in your investments to keep growing.

  1. Poshmark/Mercari

Poshmark and Mercari are two similar apps where you can sell your clothes and accessories. All you need to do is upload pictures of what you’re selling and set a price and description. This is a great way to clear out your closet and make money in the process. Poshmark has a 20% selling fee, and Mercari has a 10% fee. This means that the company makes a small profit from whatever you sell. Once you make a sale, print out your shipping label provided by the company, and take your item to the post office on campus. Package it up and it’s good to go! Once your customer receives the item, you will get the money in your account. From there, you can transfer it to your bank or use the balance to buy someone else’s items.

  1. Inbox Dollars Surveys

Inbox Dollars is an app that gives you money for taking surveys. Literally-- that’s all you have to do. Longer surveys make you more money. Each survey you take is worth about 25 cents, and this adds up quickly. Once your balance reaches $30, you can request your money and they will send you a check in the mail or a prepaid Visa card. The app is not connected to your bank account, so this also adds a level of security. Do surveys in between classes, eating lunch or lying in bed. The money will add up quickly!

  1. Sponsor something on Instagram

In this age of technology, social media is a great way for brands to promote themselves. Many brands on Instagram will pay people to promote their products on their feed, especially if you have a lot of followers! Don’t wait for the brand to contact you first-- send a direct message to any account that does sponsorships and wait for a response. Most of the time, brands will be happy that you reached out, and send you things to promote! All you need to do is upload pictures and say good things about the brand, and you get paid.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

If you have something to sell, Facebook Marketplace is perfect for you. Each town has their own swap shop. The Morgantown Flea Market is a public group where local people sell items in your area. It’s super simple to make a sale here. All you need to do is join the group on Facebook and upload a picture of your items. Set a price and a meeting place for your buyer. Public places are the best bet, such as Kroger or anywhere on campus. Remember, you choose the meeting place, so it can be as close to where you live as you want it to be. Facebook is also a great place to sell old textbooks that the bookstore won’t buy back. You will be happy to get extra cash for your books, and your buyer will be happy to not pay full price!