How to Get Through a Beginning of Semester Breakup


Coming back to campus after summer break feels like Christmas to most college students. You are back with your friends that are your family, you have unlimited freedom, and there is nothing stopping you from doing whatever you want to.

After getting through a summer full of drama from my long distance relationship, I was incredibly ready to start this semester with a clean slate and new memories. I thought I needed my boyfriend to survive on campus… he introduced me to all of my current friends and involved him self so much in my life that I felt we would never break up.

Boy… was I wrong.

The first weekend went by and the fighting started. And never ended. We ended up breaking up at the end of the first week of classes.

I had some pretty severe FOMO. I felt that I was nothing without him. I cried in my room for a good three nights and ordered Insomnia cookies. I won’t tell you how many because it was too many to disclose.

While Face-timing my sister (a WVU alumna), she reminded me of how silly the whole situation was. I am in COLLEGE. I was crying my eyes out over someone who repeatedly disappointed me anyways. Was I REALLY missing out on something? Or was this a blessing in disguise?


This is how I came up with this list. A list that will help you post breakup Debby Downers turn into rays of sunshine.

1.    Embrace the single life.

You’re in COLLEGE. I repeat, COLLEGE. You are free to do whatever you want! Have a little fun and dance with random dudes at Bent Willeys. Take a chance. Not only will you have fun letting lose but you may even meet someone new. Take some time for yourself and not having to abide to anybody’s needs. Be safe of course, but definitely do you.

2.    Don’t be afraid to meet new people.

At a school like West Virginia University, it’s hard to not meet a new person everywhere you go. Now that you have more free time, you have more time to make new friendships and connections. Get brunch with your advisor. Have a coffee with that kid that sits behind you in Biology. It’s a new semester… never a better time to meet new people. Sometimes, meeting new people helps to move on and make new memories.

3.    Indulge yourself in your studies

Whatever classes your taking or whatever you’re involved in, put your whole heart into it. Instead of letting the break up ruin your grades, use the situation to your benefit. Take the time to perfect that English paper. Stay after class to talk to your professor about life. Create a new student organization or pick up an extra shift. Indulging yourself in the activities you’re involved in helps to get your mind off the break up and benefits you overall. You won’t have time to sit around and cry… you’ll be busy being a rock star.

4.    Try new things!

Now that you have more free time, you could even try a new sport or a new hobby. You never know what you could be into if you don’t try! Whether it be painting canvases or running around the block, it helps to have a hobby that you genuinely enjoy. It helps relieve your stress and gives you something new to focus your time on. It’ll help you get back on track for the new semester.

5.    Love yourself. Love your friends. And love those who are there for you.

Make sure to spread the love even though you’re feeling miserable and just want to cry in bed for days. Feeling wanted by people who care about you can fill the void of the attachment you lost. Love yourself first and foremost. You don’t need ANYBODY to make you who you are. You are amazing on your own. Own it. Spread love to your friends and family because they care about you and it makes you feel special to have so much support. They want you to be your old self again and it’s killing them just as much as it’s killing you.

This is the advice you’ve probably heard a billion times but it’s true.

Time heals all wounds. It will take time. But, you will be okay.

You will find somebody again one day. But for now, kick this semester’s booty and don’t let anyone see you down. Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. So, live life to the fullest and remember you’re wonderful on your own.

 (It’s their loss.)