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How to Dress for an Interview (Without Wearing the Same Outfit Every Time)

As much as we may refuse to believe it, deadlines for internship and job applications are approaching (or have already approached, for some), and interviews will be upon us shortly. 
We all have that one go-to outfit for interviews. Collegiettes, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t act like you don’t always reach for that same pair of dress pants, that blazer that goes with the pants and the shirt that always looks nice under the blazer--even though you probably have at least one or two more options to choose from. Here are some fresh tips for looking professional while still appearing age-appropriate and stylish!
Try brown!
Wearing brown to an interview is a great way to stand out to your potential employer because so many people are going to walk into that office wearing black or gray tones. It’s also a warmer color and will make you appear more inviting and friendly. I took my own advice and bought a pair of brown dress pants from New York and Company. Pair it with a light pink shirt, a sweater and some brown or nude heels and you’re good to go!

$27.96 at New York and Company                                                   $32.86 at New York and Company


Dresses are okay!
It is completely appropriate to wear a dress as long as it is modest enough! The dress should hit at the knee or slightly above it and no cleavage should be showing. Not only can skimpier dresses be distracting to your potential employer, but it also won’t be comfortable for you to be pulling at it during the interview.
Forever 21 frequently has a lot of nice dresses for the career-oriented collegiette, along with H&M. Dresses are especially fun to play up in the summer time when it’s too hot and sticky to be strolling around in polyester pants!
                                     $19.80 at Forever 21


Add new accessories!
Growing up doesn’t have to be boring and bland. Adding a lightweight scarf, a long necklace or a chunky bracelet can show your potential employer that you’re unique, yet you know how to put yourself together. American Eagle has an ever-changing selection of scarves to choose from in all prints and patterns.

          $19.50 at American Eagle                                                                        $17.50 at American Eagle 



What you wear is one of the most important factors in getting a job AND maintaining it, so it’s important to begin building a wardrobe of professional-wear now. What are you waiting for? You have to land that job, girl!

Rachel is a junior at West Virginia University and a direct-admit to the P.I. Reed School of Journalism, majoring in public relations with a minor in dance. She is the treasurer of the WVU chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America and a member of the WVU Dance Ensemble. Rachel is currently an intern with the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce, where she single-handedly designs, writes and edits the monthly newsletter. She also works part-time at Guess. Writing, dancing and fashion are all passions of Rachel’s. In her free time, she enjoys getting coffee, shopping (especially for high heels and dresses), tanning, sushi, reading, listening to music and being a closet movie buff. Rachel’s hometown is Pittsburgh, PA, where she hopes to return to live and work someday at a public relations agency.
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