How To Avoid Holiday Relationship FOMO

Ah. The holidays. The magical, whimsical time of year when everyone is happy, and if you’re not happy, you’re a scrooge. The holidays are meant for celebration of loved ones and happy times. But, it’s also a reminder that if you’re single, you feel forever alone. You have that one relative that always asks if you’re dating someone. You see your friends’ cute Instagram posts in the snow with their lovers. The mistletoe is haunting you from across the living room. Sigh

The good news? Her Campus has got you covered.

Here is a collective guide on how to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out) on being in a relationship during the ~holidays~.

1.Your bank account loves you right now.

The second you miss being in a relationship, think again. You are most likely swimming in the dough right now compared to all the girlfriends buying their men the newest video game or that cute sweater they saw in American Eagle (he will only wear it, like, twice.) You can spend more money on people you love and care for, or even save it up for your spring break trip! If anything, you are the lucky one in this situation.

2.You can spoil yourself.

Finals are over and you are exhausted. The holidays are much needed for your mental sanity. Now that you don’t have to worry about saving money for dinners, presents, and dates, you can spend that money on a manicure or that new sweater you’ve been eyeing up. You’re young. Splurge. Spoil yourself while you can and do not regret it. You deserve it, girl. Be the queen you know you are.

3.No worries about where you will spend the holidays.

When in a relationship, you have to worry about when and where you will have to spend major holidays. You have to see your family, and of course you have to visit their family too. Your mom wants you to have dinner with your family, but he’s in a same boat. Oh holy headache. When you are single, there is one place that is meant for you after dinner…your couch.

4.You can eat as much as you want with no judgment.

Going over to anyone’s house is always intimidating eating dinner, especially when you’ve never actually met half of the people that you are expected to be cordial with. Being in the comfort of your own home, eating as much as your little heart desires, is truly something we all take for granted. And being able to eat as much as you want with no aunt or second cousin of your boyfriend judging you…it’s bliss. So go to town ladies, eat that piece of pie. You deserve it.

5.You can get cozy by the fire with whomever you choose.

When you head home for the holidays, you know you’ll see that guy from your junior year math class that smiled at you on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Having freedom is a lot better than it may seem. Instead of feeling sad, cold, and lonely, you can snuggle with an old friend and some spiked hot chocolate and see what may happen. Going home for winter break leads to many unexpected situations like seeing a guy you forgot you had a crush on in junior high or taking shots at a bar crawl with your old best friends. You never know what may happen, but being single makes it easy to do whatever your heart desires.

Being single is not a bad thing. It is a time to find yourself and realize who you really are. Also, it is a time to reflect and make time for yourself. During the holidays, it can be tough to adjust to the constant family nagging of your love life and seeing all the couples do cute Christmas activities. But, now you can drink your holiday mojito with peace knowing you are the one who is really winning. Cheers.