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HerCampus helps us survive Spring Break!

As a writer at HerCampus WVU for three years, I’ve been spoiled by HerCampus many times! They prefer to call it Survival Kits, but deep down they’re spoiling us with love and goodies! This spring break season brought a Survival Kit that did not disappoint! With the gifts sent from HerCampus, and the sponsors, the HerWVU staff was able to prep and conquer Spring Break 2014!

Our first gift got us beach ready! European Wax Center free wax coupons got us ready to get in our bikinis and hit the water!

Our bikinis came from discount coupons from Yokini Swimwear! We got 20% off and FREE lettering on their super flattering, yoga-inspired fold-over swim bottoms. You can also check out the swimwear and shop by using code HC99 at checkout at yokiniswimwear.com.

We also had a Bobble water bottle for those long, hot days in the sun! The hydration was key for this Spring Break!

To fill us up, we have to thank Chipotle! Who doesn’t want a yummy burrito with chips after weeks of dieting? We earned it!

We also have to thank Neuro drinks! Sleep drinks gave us that full 8 hours we needed to recover! The drink works wonders for light sleepers!

TRESemmé wasn’t going to let our hair suffer from pool water and sun! We were able to get up to 7 days of salon-smooth hair after just 1 use with TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth System! 

Thank you HerCampus and the great sponsors for helping us survive Spring Break!

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