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Her Campus Spring Break: Swimsuit Edition

Fashionistas, it is crunch time! We have less than a week to get our bodies perfectly shaped and toned for our ideal swimsuit bodies. We have been working hard these past two weeks at the gym, and we have made the sacrifices to not drunkenly eat food unless it was straight veggies. Hopefully, we can say that the agonizing pain and torture from the excessive running and cutting out our favorite greasy foods has successfully paid off. Now that our bodies have met our expectations we are finally ready to purchase the cutest swimsuits. Here is a list of some top contending suits that will be worn this spring break with a description of what body type works best with each suit!


-High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

If you are curvier at the bottom the vintage high waisted bottom will accentuate your curves and allow you to feel comfortable wearing a bikini suit that does not show off too much curves. If you have a long torso a high-waisted bottom is also a perfect match for you to cut up the space from your bust-line to your waistline. 


-Fringe Bathing Suits

Fringe bathing suits are perfect for young ladies with small busts. The extra layers gives flounce and additional fabric to make the illusion of a larger bust. Although fringe will be seen more this season, ruffle bathing suits are also perfect for a small bust.


-Sexy Cut-Outs and Straps

Sexy cut-out bikinis with criss crossed straps or cut-away bottoms are perfect for a confident fashionista who is excited to show off their beach body. These bikinis are sexy and seductive and show a ton of skin, so feeling comfortable and confident about your new and improved body type is key for these bikinis. 


-Cropped Top Bikini Top

Crop top bikinis are great for pear shaped bodies who are smaller at top and curvier in the stomach and the hips. The long abdomen will be separated by the low waist bottoms and the longer cropped top and create great spacing. The cropped top will be tight and add fullness to the top, evening out the top half of the body with the bottom half. 


-Long-Line Bikini Tops (Bralettes)

This bikini is perfect for a small bust and long torso. This top has underwire that will provide support to make the bust look larger, and the long lined silhouette of the top covers up more skin on the top half of your body. 


-Halter Bikini Tops

Halter bikini tops are perfect for ladies with a big bust. The halter silhouette will provide support to the bust without allowing the cleavage to take over your body. Push up bathing suits that have underwire and padding (sometimes provide straps like a bra) can also help support a big bust without slip ups. 



Bandeaus can really be worn by any body type, but it all depends on the cut of the bandeau. Strapless bandeaus and sweetheart cut bandeaus are perfect for small busts. Cinched and twisted tops also help add fullness to the bust. Halter bandeaus that have tie strings are great for bigger busts to give support that strapless bandeau tops do not. Bandeau top monokinis are perfect for pear, curvy, and plus size body types. 


-Bustier Bikini Tops

Bustier bikini tops are great for any body type. It can be used to deemphasize or emphasize the bust. It can be used to support/fullness or flatten the bust. It can be used to add equal spacing between the bust and waistline for long torsos, or used to cover more of the abdomen for small torsos. It can be used as a seductive boost to your bikini, or it can be a casual bustier top that has little to no under-wiring.

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