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#HCAwarenessWeek: A Review of Diet Coke’s New Flavors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Being a typical college student, the cheapest drink to buy is usually water. Me and my roommate’s fridge is filled with water and that is our go-to daily drink but once we saw Diet Coke came out with new flavors, we decided to give it a try. It was exciting to see that it was Diet Coke that had new flavors because there are zero calories and sugars. We asked our friend Kasey to taste test out the flavors out with us. We tried five different flavors—Zesty Blood Orange, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Feisty Cherry and Strawberry Guava.

Zesty Blood Orange

Molly: Now this is orange! This was the strongest soda flavor but it still carried the “Diet Coke” flavor along with it.  

Marra: I like this one a lot, orange is my favorite flavor and you taste it with every sip. This reminds me of Orange Soda.

Kasey: This one would be good if you are in the mood for something with a strong taste, it is very good and fulfilling.

Ginger Lime

Molly: This smells so good and is sweeter than normal Diet Coke.

Marra: You taste the lime more than the ginger but is still good. 

Kasey: This one is refreshing and tastes a lot like lime.

Twisted Mango

Molly: When I tried Twisted Mango, it was just the right amount of flavor. It is not overpowering and tastes like summer with each sip. This is my second favorite. 

Marra: Mango was so refreshing felt a lot like lemonade. If you are hot on a summer’s day this would be the best drink!

Kasey: Again, I am not huge on drinking soda, but this is the best drink. It is my new favorite go-to and my favorite out of the five flavors.

Feisty Cherry

Molly: This flavor tastes like a healthy Cherry Coke. I loved it, goes great with meals.

Marra: This one is my favorite! It is refreshing and never gets old.

Kasey: This one is my favorite to eat with dinners, such a good flavor.

Strawberry Guava

Molly: My favorite! It gives you that Diet Coke/Fruit Punch flavor. I bring this one with me too class. 

Marra: This one is my second favorite it tastes like Strawberry Punch! It reminds me of something you would drink on the beach.

Kasey: It smells so good and tastes like the perfect amount of strawberry too.

Overall, Diet Coke killed it with these flavors. It is awesome to finally have something that’s refreshing and flavorful to drink without having to worry about added calories and sugar. My favorite thing is the new tall and thin cans; it makes it easy to hold your drink and is aesthetically pleasing. My friends and I are obsessed with these new flavors; our fridge will be filled with them and I could not be more excited!

Molly is a Sophmore at West Virginia University, her major is Multidisciplinary Studies. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and loves shopping, makeup, traveling and having photoshoots.
Maura is a senior at West Virginia University, studying honors journalism and leadership. She was the president of Her Campus at WVU from 2018-2019, interns with ESPN College GameDay and works as a marketing/communication assistant for the Reed College of Media. On campus, she has written opinion for WVU's Daily Athenaeum, served as the PR chair for WVU Society of Professional Journalists and was a reporter for WVUToday. She teaches leadership classes for the Honors College and is an active member of both the Honors Student Association and Helvetia Honorary. Maura is an avid fan of The New Yorker, (most) cities and the first half of late-night talk shows.