Go-To Cafes For Mountaineers

The leaves are falling. The trees are changing. The cold weather is here. What more could we ask for? Of course, a delicious drink in hand! So let me share the local gems you need to visit this season.

The Grind (0.3 miles)

Most of you will have most likely visited, or at least heard of The Grind. It is located just down the road from WVU’s downtown campus, right next to Book Exchange. The first thing to notice when you come in is how the owner’s/baristas celebrate Morgantown’s international diversity by displaying foreign currency on their wall (I had to make sure to give them a Venezuelan bill!). From the moment you open the door, you will be welcomed by the sweet aroma of coffee and promptly greeted by the sweet baristas. The Grind has not one but two rooms to sit in so you will most likely have somewhere to sit, however, keep in mind it does get quite busy. 

Recommended drink: Maple Syrup Latte 

Blue Moose Cafe (0.4 miles)

This is plant heaven! Blue Moose Cafe, located in downtown, is the other cafe you have most likely visited, walked or driven by. Blue Moose is super cute to take photos in while sipping on some uniquely tasty drinks. Just like The Grind, Blue Moose is quite spacious and has lots of seating. Just like their coffee menu, Blue Moose has great food options -- the main reason people visit. Unlike many of the other places, Blue Moose offers a variety of matcha drinks, both hot and iced. They are definitely a must-try!

Recommended drink: Matcha Latte

Quantum Bean Coffee (1.1 miles)

Quantum Bean Coffee is the hidden gem of Morgantown, quite literally. Even some of the craziest coffee drinkers I have met on campus had never heard of Quantum. It is located across the downtown bridge in a little house. Although not very spacious, this coffee shop will make you want to stay as long as they are open. Their most affordable coffee is the short white for $1.75 and their priciest is $5.50, although the average iced drink averages in the $4 range. If you have never been, ask your barista and they will be more than happy to suggest a drink based on your coffee preferences. 

Recommended drink: Lavender Latte 

River Birch Cafe (1.4 miles)

River Birch Cafe is a fairly new cafe located in the Waterfront. This is the perfect location all year round. It is surrounded by water and amazing restaurants. The coffee shop itself is very spacious with lots of space to hang out or study. If that is not convincing enough, their most affordable coffee is $1.25 and the most expensive is $4.35 (20-ounce drink). They are also dairy-free friendly by offering soy and almond milk for your drinks.

Recommended drink: Iced caramel macchiato

The Farmhouse Cafe (4.6 miles)

The Farmhouse Cafe is a lot further from campus than the above-mentioned coffee shops, but it is so worth it! The Farmhouse is a literal representation of its name -- it is a farmhouse. It is a coffee shop, boutique and florist -- ALL IN ONE. I find this place quite magical because it has a Fit Farmer menu! Their cups are 12, 16 and 20 ounces and range from $4 to $7. However, this is the only coffee shop in Morgantown (that I know of) that allows you to add grass-fed collagen protein, grass-fed ghee and whey protein. The Espresso bar drinks start at $3 for 12 ounces to $4.80 for 20 ounces (how crazy is that!) and their iced coffee starts at $2.90. As I am sure you are on the edge of your chair, ready to grab your keys and visit this amazing coffee shop, they also have free Wi-fi!

Recommended drink:  Toasted marshmallow latte 

So what are you waiting for, which coffee shop are you going to visit soon?

❅ All locations were calculated from the Mountainlair in the Downtown Campus


Edited by Sydney Keener