Gabe Litvin

Watch any nationally broadcast WVU game and you'll begin to see a familiar face. That face is Gabe Litvin, a WVU sports fanatic and Mountaineer Maniacs Board Member. Gabe has become known around campus as WVU's biggest fan and a loyal supporter. He attends all sporting events and is up to date on every WVU sports related news. Gabe found a fitting way to get involved and continue supporting WVU was by being on the Maniacs leadership board. He has been on the board for several years, where he now holds the position of Co-Director of Olympic Sports. 

Q: When did you start following WVU sports?

AI started following WVU Sports after I was accepted to WVU in 2011.

Q: Why did you choose WVU?
A: I choose WVU as it was not a school in Virginia. It also had good Football and basketball teams.
Q: When was your first game?
A: My first game was the first mens soccer game my freshman year.
Q: What is your position on the Maniacs, and what does it entail?
A: My position on the maniacs is Co-Director of Olympics sports. That entails going to Olympics sporting events(Soccer,Women Basketball, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Volleyball), Cheering, and settting up giveawasy to help increase attendance.
Q: How long have you been part of the Maniacs?
A: I have been part of the Maniacs Board for two years.
Q: What is your most memorable WVU moment?
A: My most memorable WVU moment was Orange Bowl.
Q: What is your favorite sport to attend?
A: I favortive sport to attend is Men's basketball.
Q: How many sporting events do you attend each week?

A: I attend 1-5 sporting events a week depending on the schedule for sports that week.