FREE Products. Yeah, You Read That Right.

As college students, we are forced to prioritize the products we need and often do not have much to splurge on the wants. But, what if I told you that you can get your wants entirely for free? This is exactly the reality Influenster has built for its users. Influenster is a network that provides you with free samples, most times full-sized products, in exchange for your raw honest opinion. The products range in a wide variety of categories such as makeup, hair products, perfume, household, pet products, among others. The best part is that Influenster has developed the easiest process from the moment you register to the moment you receive your products.

Take a look at how easy it is:

Step 1 –– Download and Register in the Influenster App This is the easiest and most self-explanatory step. When registering, make sure that you are using an email that you have access to because this is where you will be receiving the notification that you have been selected for a VoxBox. You can access Influenster on your laptop but it is best to have the app on your phone because you can only complete campaigns and badges on the application. 

Step 2 –– Connect Your Socials This might seem silly, but this is one of the most vital steps in your registration process. Connecting as much social media as possible will yield a higher “impact rate”. Your impact rate is calculated by adding all your followers across all social media platforms. The higher your impact, the more campaigns and free samples you will be eligible for. At the same time, it is important to connect your social media accounts because when you receive free products, you sign a promise of sharing it across your social media (duh!). 

Step 3 –– Fill Out Your Snaps and Start Reviewing Once you register your account, you will have to fill out reviews in snaps. Snaps are categories such as makeup, electronics, households, and more. Once you click on them, you will be asked questions and directed to choose the products you want to review. 

Step 4 –– Qualifying Surveys Once you have completed your snaps and have reviewed some products, hopefully not too long after, you will receive an email prompting you to fill out a survey that may qualify for a VoxBox. The surveys ask about your experience and preferences with certain types of products and brands. If the products are makeup, hair treatments, or skincare, they will ask for skin tone, skin type, hair type, certain features you look for in your products and what you are trying to ‘fix’, for a lack of better words. Shortly after, you will receive another email announcing you have been chosen!

Step 5 –– Receive Your Products With the emailing announcing you have been chosen, you will have the option to track your package. Now, this is where patience is key. As an entirely free of charge network, Influenster takes weeks to have the products delivered to your door, but this is not always the case. Once your box arrives and you open your box, you need to follow the instructions that are found inside.

Step 6 –– Review Your Products  The campaign for that box will become available on your app and as soon as you try out your products, you can begin completing the tasks by sharing and reviewing to increase your chances of getting more VoxBoxes. Make sure to complete all the individual tasks so you can unlock the badge for that specific campaign. And, do not be afraid of being brutally honest in your reviews. If you do not like a product, say so and explain why. Do not assume that by sharing positive reviews of all products, you will be chosen to get more Voxboxes.

Step 7 –– Continue to Stay Active on the App It is extremely important to stay active in the app, even or regardless of receiving a Voxbox. Even if you have completed all of your snaps, look for products to review on your own, comment on other’s reviews, or ask questions. These will also unlock engagement badges that will be displayed on your profile. Every so often new snaps will become available for you to update, make sure to complete them promptly. 

While it may seem like a lot of work, I can assure you it really is not. I have been a user for a year and have received three voxboxes: Spring Essentials, Zendaya’s L’Oreal line, and L’Oreal Ever Pure. If the idea of being an influencer, expanding your network, and obtaining things for free in exchange for your honest opinion sound appealing to you, Influenster is definitely for you!

Happy influencing!


Edited by Katie Carnefix