Four Reasons Why The Bachelor Makes Me Uncomfortable

I know what you’re thinking… and before I even get started let me just say that I truly enjoy watching The Bachelor. I just started watching this season, and so far it has been very entertaining. But this show just makes me extremely uncomfortable for multiple reasons. I’ve read various articles about how The Bachelor is sexist, degrading, etc. and while I don’t necessarily agree with those claims, I do still find the show a little cringe-worthy (even though I will continue to watch it).



1. The process of getting onto the show is BRUTAL

In an article on, I read that the application process is very intense. It lasts for months and applicants are “forced to take a variety of invasive tests by ABC, including an extensive background check, STD testing, and a psychological examination.” Now I don’t know about you but I for one think that’s a lot of work to potentially be heartbroken, as 28 girls are in every season (and get this….they don’t even get paid).



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2. It’s very emotionally distressing

Without a doubt, on every episode, SOMEONE is ALWAYS crying. They’re not even just shedding a few tears; they are CRYING. Once again, this makes me feel very uncomfortable. Although this could be staged, it is still very cringy and I just couldn’t see putting myself through that to be potentially...wait for it...heartbroken. (In last weeks episode Arie got up and LEFT Lauren B. at the dinner table after she told him she was falling in love with him…. then came back and gave her a rose? FOR REAL? Was that necessary?)



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3. ONE guy with MANY girls

Okay, honestly this is the most uncomfortable part for me. I just can’t help but CRINGE at the fact that he takes one girl on a romantic date and confesses his love for her and then the next day does the SAME THING with a DIFFERENT girl. I mean I get that that’s the whole point of the show but…..I just can’t deal.



4. The outcome

So the girls make it to the Fantasy Suite where the Bachelor gets the chance to be ‘intimate’ with the remaining three contestants (refer to # 3….cringe). The Bachelor hands out his final rose and, while at the time the girl may be head over heels in love, it usually doesn’t last. Even after you went through all that trouble of being on this crazy show. That is just not my way of finding love. After 22 seasons, only ONE couple has stayed together and gotten married...just saying.