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Exams are slowly eating away our happiness and the stress can be overwhelming at times. Finals are getting closer and closer whether we like it or not. My favorite solution to being overworked is music.


Music can help solve your problems or maybe sometimes help you avoid them. But in this playlist, you will find songs that will help you sit down and study for that test you have been dreading. Here is my top tier, finals study playlist.


1. Lego House by Ed Sheeran

(All Ed songs are perfect for studying or thinking about your ex, but mostly studying)


2. Love Someone by Jason Mraz


3. Bubbly by Colbie Caillat


4. Let Her Go by Passenger


5. Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson


6. Look After You by The Fray


7. Yellow by Coldplay


8. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman


9. Georgia by Vance Joy

(or any Vance Joy song for that matter)


10. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance


11. Better Together by Jack Johnson


12. Ho Hey by the Lumineers

(If you can hold back shouting the lyrics this is a cool mellow song to help with your Statistics exam)


13. Gravity by Sara Bareilles


14. Skinny Love by Birdy


15. 18 by One Direction


16. Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift


17. Turning Tables by Adele


18. Hold Back the River by James Bay


19. Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

(More like Sunday night at 11:55, I have an assignment due at midnight)


20. Ophelia by The Lumineers

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