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Elizabeth Dunkle

Name: Elizabeth Dunkle

Hometown: Accident Maryland

Major: Fashion Merchandising with a Double Minor in Business and Advertising

Relationship Status: Single


How would you describe your style?:

“I like to try different kinds of trends and styles, and what I like best I keep going with. I try to follow some of the latest stuff out there but always put my own twist on it.”

What are some of the staples in your wardrobe and why?:

“A lot of scarves, boots and jewelry. You can dress a lot of things up when you have accessories and it makes every outfit different. You can have something simple and turn it into something completely different and dressed up.”

What are some of your hobbies and interests?:

“I play lacrosse and I am also in Chi Omega. I like to shop and I have been told that I have a good knack for finding separate items from all over the place and putting them together in a way you wouldn’t expect. I also like to go out and spend time with my friends have movie night and eat sushi. I love sushi! And cannoli’s haha just not together. Traveling is also really great I’ve been to lots of different places and Australia was one of my favorite.”

What is your favorite part about WVU?:

“I can do what I love and I can be friends with a lot of people. I can be a part of so many things at the same time and never feel like I have to split my life up. I feel like I can do so much with the time I have.”

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