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These past couple of weeks have been tough. I know. It’s been hostile, uncomfortable and so many other words that describe the hate that is flowing through our country today.

After November 8th’s national election results unfolded, America voted Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first woman to become a main Presidential candidate within the national race, was defeated by Trump, causing a backlash of protests and aggression throughout the United States.


Why is this? Why is there a scent of enmity in the air? Why is our country divided?


Many people believe between the two candidates, Clinton supported the minorities of America. And by minorities, I mean anyone who is not a white man. Anyone who has been suppressed. Anyone who could possibly not walk into a dark alley without feeling unsafe. Donald Trump’s campaign was carried by white supremacist racism throughout the nation, making people that aren’t necessarily white or male feeling afraid and unsafe.


This article is not about Donald Trump. This article is neither about what he will do as President nor what his supporters believe. This article is about you- the women of America.


Hillary Clinton broke the glass ceiling in politics. Actually, she shattered it. She beat the odds and prevailed despite her gender. She saw what she wanted and went for it. She crossed many lines for women, beat many stereotypes and proved to women across the world that your gender should not make you feel inferior. Your gender should not keep you from becoming the President of the United States.


She lost, but she won. She won for women who doubted themselves. She won for the women who are told every single day that they are not good enough. She won for the little girls who deal with their classmates nagging them about never being successful, because they are “just a girl.” Clinton won for the girls who are in high school feeling self conscious because the guy she loves doesn’t like her back. Clinton won for the women in college, studying their butts off trying to prove that they can too, dominate the political world one day. Clinton won for all of the women who were told they couldn’t do what men can.


Clinton did not win the Presidential race. But she won so much more. She won the ability to give women across the world the support and security they need to reach their goals and break even more glass ceilings.

A woman will be the President of the United States, one day. And that woman could be you. You may not agree with her views, or you may, but there is one fact that we cannot deny. She is inspiring, not because of her previous actions or beliefs necessarily, but because she is a woman and she made it this far. We all can.


Never let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough because you’re a woman. You are intelligent, courageous, driven and beautiful inside and out. You will do big things.


Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for showing us that gender no longer means inferiority or boundaries. Gender no longer means limits. There are no limits.


I am a woman. And I am proud of the path Hillary Clinton paved before me.


We will continue to shatter glass ceilings. The growing uncomfortable hostility in America will not keep us from being women or being you. Grow and embrace it. You are enough and more.


Now, go out there and break some more glass ceilings.

Hi ladies and gents, my name is Mel, Melanie if you're feelin' fancy. I'm a senior studying advertising, political science and fashion at West Virginia University. In addition to my studies, I am the Campus Correspondent for the WVU HC Chapter! You can hear me on the radio at U92 FM reporting the news and hosting morning shows. If I'm not there, I'm most likely at the local Panera eating my body weight in broccoli cheddar soup or writing about the daily, awkward encounters I experience. I represenative of the college of media as an ambassador and the prez of the magazine club. Oversized sweatshirts and jean on jean are my aesthetics. Lover, not a fighter unless you tell me Joe Jonas wasn't the best Jonas. Laters, baby.
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