Companies That Are Knocking Out The Pink Tax

Welcome to 2019, where items focused toward women’s consumption are often more expensive than the almost identical items geared towards men. This phenomenon has been happening for years, earning the name ”pink tax,” and rightfully so, considering a product that is pink will likely cost you more than the exact same item in blue. Take a look at this Equate men’s razor pack and this Equate women’s razor pack. Both items include the same amount of three-blade razors for sensitive skin. What’s the difference? The men’s razor pack is blue, while the women’s razor pack is pink. If the thought of Pink Tax infuriates you, you are not alone – many retailers such as European Wax Center, Bille and Boxed have also been denouncing the pink tax.

The pink tax is a perpetuation of the misogynistic practices of the past that are continued today. In order to move on to a more equal future, we must all take part in fighting the pink tax as these brands have so eloquently done. Call your local legislature, contact companies that participate in the pink tax and make your voice be heard. Our persistence is powerful, and this is only the beginning.

European Wax Center started a campaign to “Ax The Pink Tax.” On their campaign website, you can find many facts. For example, did you know that “women pay more than men 47 percent of the time for the same products and services”? Or that “because of the pink tax, the average woman spends an extra $1,351 every year?” This article on the website explains more about how women are affected by the pink tax as early as infancy. Another awesome feature of the website is a tool that calculates how much being a woman has cost you based on the year you were born. 


Billie is another brand known for its opposition to the pink tax. They are an online-based subscription razor company and expressed their goal in a statement on their website saying, “We deliver award-winning shaving supplies and premium body care products at a fair price without the pink tax. Billie was built for all of womankind, celebrating our choice to be shaggy, smooth or anything in between.”

Similarly, the company Boxed is taking a stand against the practices of the pink tax. They are a wholesale store, similar to Costco or Sam's Club, but based solely online. The website details how they are using their company to dissolve the pink tax, “Many women's products are up-charged compared to their male equivalents. Boxed is taking a stand. Prices on women's items have been reduced to make them equal to their male counterparts on a per ounce or per unit basis.”