Chelby Carey

Name: Chelby Carey

Hometown: Morgantown, WV

Major: Criminology

Favorite Food: Pizza for Pizza Als

Dream Vacation: African Safari

Drink of choice: Chocolate Milk

A secret talent I have is: I can tell when someone is lying

The song I would sing in karaoke is: No Scrubs by TLC

My favorite WVU memory: When my Dad's team (Girls Basketball; Mike Carey) beat Baylor ay Baylor.

My most embarrassing moment: Wiped out in the middle of Rain wearing angel wings.

It's Friday night, you'll find me: At Joe Mama's

Dating Status: Single ;)

The most romantic thing I've ever done is: 4th of July, sat in a truck bed with blankets and watched fireworks.

My favorite part about the opposite sex: Tall, dark, and handsome

Celebrity Crush:  Brody Jenner 

A quote that defines me: “The trouble is you think you have time." -Buddha 

Twitter Name: @chelbzz