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Brian DeCosta


Brian Decosta, also known as DJ Dotecas, is one of WVU’s own. He began DJing the second semester of his sophomore year in 2011.  He grew up playing guitar and has always had a passion for music in general.  After joining Greek Life and getting to know people in the downtown scene, opportunities began opening up left and right. One of his good friends and manager at Rain nightclub (tbt) offered him a DJ position.  After getting his foot in the door, he began DJing for Bent Willey’s, Whisper, Cellar, LUX, Rocktop, and several others. 

Outside of DJing, he is a full-time accountant for a pharmaceutical company in Morgantown. He spends his free timepinning to his Pinterest board, fishing for trout in Cheat Lake, participating in toastmasters, moving large metal objects up and down and side to side, tailgating, playing WOW and Jetpack Jedi, browsing tinder, and of course contemplating the meaning of life.

Brian plans to attend graduate school to get his MBA or masters degree in Accounting or Finance and then see where life takes him from there.  He says music will always play a key role in his life, and he plans to continue DJing as opportunities present themselves.

You can check out his mixes on SoundCloud and MixCloud. Also be sure to follow him on Twitter @btdecosta! 


My name is Kalea Gunderson, and I am a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major. I am from Charleston, WV, but I have found a second home in Morgantown, WV in the Alpha Phi sorority house. I am loving this year so far, and I am only expecting great things!
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