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Name: Brendan Healy
Hometown: Catonsville, Maryland

Major: Business

Favorite food: Chicken Wings

Dream vacation: Ireland

Drink of choice: Twisted Tea

A secret talent that I have: I make a damn good sandwich

A song I would sing at karaoke: Shower - Becky G

My favorite WVU memory: Winning the Orange Bowl freshman year

My most embarrassing moment: Spilling the 5 gallon milk bag all over dining hall

It's Friday night.. You'll find me at: Sportspage Happy hour

Dating status: Single

The most romantic thing I've ever done: Got a significant other a watch and inscribed it with "ill always have time for you" 

My favorite part about the opposite sex: Eyes

Celebrity crush: Lindsay Kidwell

A quote that defines me: Anything off tumblr

My name is Kalea Gunderson, and I am a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major. I am from Charleston, WV, but I have found a second home in Morgantown, WV in the Alpha Phi sorority house. I am loving this year so far, and I am only expecting great things!
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