Beyond the Partying

You see it all over the media. “WVU named number one party school. WVU riots after a football game. WVU Greek life suspended.” Sure, our University parties. But I ask everyone this: Are we the only college partying? Is it fair to throw one particular school under the bus? Does all of the research done at our great University mean nothing to the rest of the world because of a small population of students who have made poor decisions? I don’t think this is fair.

In fact, I am actually offended at some of the news headlines I have read during my time here as a student. I know too many students who have made sacrifices for this University and expected little in return. To prove this, I have decided to offer a list of the good things my school has done for me throughout my time here.

1. Internships: It is almost impossible to attend this University and not find an internship. Our school promotes the importance of internships and I have truly benefited because of it. There is a whole wing in the Mountain Lair dedicated to helping students with this. Check out Services for advice and leads for an internship!

2. Adventure W.V.: This is an orientation program that our University offers for incoming students. It allows students to travel the state and learn about the opportunities offered at WVU. If you’re looking for a scenic view spent in the wilderness, Adventure W.V. is the program for you. I never attended Adventure as an incoming freshman. However, I was lucky enough to attend the Adventure Journalism trip last summer as a leader and representative of the WVU Reed College of Media.

3. Networking: If there is anything I’m grateful for, it is the mass amounts of professionals who offer their time and advice to students. Many of these speakers travel some distance just to touch base with students. WVU's Festival of Ideas brings in speakers from all around the world, and even if you don't get the chance to meet them you still get to soak in all the knowledge they shared.

4. Big 12 Sports: As a sports enthusiast, and an aspiring sports journalist, I landed in the perfect position to truly spectate college athletics. I currently work productions for WVU Sports at the coliseum and this opportunity has impacted my life at WVU. Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, or wrestling, there’s something about helping put on the show that really makes you appreciate the game. If you want to be apart of the crowd, check out the WVU Maniacs. Aside from games, they hold pep rallies, watch partys, and trips for the die hard Mountaineer fans!

5. Leadership: I am honored to serve as the president of the WVU Chapter of the Radio Television Digital News Association. However, I could not run things efficiently without the other officers and members by my side. From pie-ing our favorite football players in the face this school year, to traveling to Las Vegas this semester to meet over 100,000 professionals, we keep our club members busy.

There is something about serving as a leader that makes your experiences worth wild.