The best binge-worthy shows that won’t distract you (too much) from studying

Doing school work can be a bust sometimes, but having a great show playing in the background can make it so much better. Here are some of the best shows you can binge while working on all the homework you have to complete.

1.    90210

90210 is one of those high school shows that just makes you wish you were going to school with them. This show is about a bunch of snobby Beverly Hill kids that just live their teenager lives. Now, there’s a chance that you have already watched this series, but re-watching it is great when you are working so that you don’t have to pay full attention.


2.    Grey’s Anatomy

Yes, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most basic shows ever, but it is one of those shows that you can have playing in the background and still get stuff done. There are SO many episodes, so it’s like you will never run out of something to watch. Are you on the McDreamy or McSteamy team?


3.    Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is another one of the basic shows, but what can I say-- I’m basic. They may be a little trashy most of the time, but the cast is hilarious and that just makes the show 100 times better! If you’re unfamiliar, Jersey Shore is a show with six people that are in their younger 20s that go to the shore every year to drink-- who wouldn’t want to do that AND get paid?


4.    Orange is the New Black

OITNB is such a great show in my opinion. It is a Netflix original, and they release a new season every summer. Around that time of the year, you can always bet that you will hear someone talking about how they are ready for the new season to come out. While you binge the entire season in the summer, that leaves you with enough time to re-watch throughout the year. OITNB is a show based on a true story of a woman who went to prison because of her ex-girlfriend… Drama is bound to ensue.


5. Jane the Virgin

If you’re looking for a show that will keep you hooked until the very end, Jane the Virgin is for you. Grab your snacks and settle in because this on-edge plot will have you up all night binge-watching until you’ve finished the last episode! Rafael or Michael…?