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Avicii in Concert

Thursday September 20th marked my first Avicii concert and it was epic. Everywhere you looked there was neon clothing, crazy makeup, glasses without lenses and people just going crazy. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I hadn’t really listened to him before other than a couple of songs but I heard a lot about how great of a show he puts on and I had high expectations. I was not let down. 

My group left late because we didn’t care to see the opening act so we got there just a few minutes before Avicii took the stage. We found our seats, and a few more of our friends and soon the lights went dim and you knew what was coming. When Avicii started playing everyone went wild including myself. Fog was released and soon made its way into every section of the arena, which made the strobe lights, and lasers look amazing. Everyone at the show was on their feet dancing and just having a good time. The backdrop lit up with the word, ‘Avicii’ in bright lights behind the turntable, which made for an awesome image when looking at the stage with the bright red and orange background and the dark figure Avicii in the foreground. He played a pretty long set which was great because the crowd was loving it, and I’m sure if he wanted to play through the night everyone would have stayed to enjoy the party. 
By the end of the night my feet hurt from standing, jumping around and dancing for hours. I think my favorite part of the night other than hearing ‘Levels’, was when he came out for an encore and did a remix of ‘99 problems’. By that point everyone knew the show was coming to an end and was even crazier than they had been for the rest of the show. People jumping up and down, waving their arms and singing along were common sights in every direction and it was a great experience for my first show of electronic dance music. The show was amazing in itself, and is also a nice taste for what Morgantown will be seeing in a little while with Glowfest just around the corner, boasting a similar style of music for the artists playing.

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