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Are Scarves Still In Fashion As Winter Approaches?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Back in 2015 and 2016, my friends and I paraded around our high school, along with all of the other trendsetters, wearing scarves for all occasions as the cold season commenced. These were the days of the infinity scarf, and since then we’ve gravitated towards more functional pieces (such as the blanket scarf). As a college student, I hardly see them around campus; which leads us to the popular question of winter: Are scarves still in style?

It’s a silly question because obviously if it keeps us warm in a blizzard, who cares if it is fashionable? But for those of us who like to stay trendy and free of frostbite, it’s a fashion dilemma.

As of late, the short, thin silk scarves are being used as headbands, purse accessories and as scarves. But this cannot be very warm, as cute as they may be.

After doing some research, I’ve found that some fashion magazines have declared blanket scarves as an official trend for the winter of 2019 (cue the angels singing!).  Whether it’s a plaid to match the tones of your sweater, or some bold stripes to jazz things up, blanket scarves are typically made of a thicker, warmer material that can cover the majority of your body even on top of your winter coat.

Styling your winter scarf can be as simple as adding statement earrings to your outfit, or choosing a winter-friendly boot or bag.

As for wearing the scarf itself, the trend seems to be just a quick wrap-around your neck — nothing too fancy.  Back in high school, if you didn’t have an infinity scarf, you improvised by shaping your scarf to look like one; but it seems like this trend is over (and maybe it’s for the best).

Pairing it with your favorite winter coat may require some color-coordination. Neutral tones paired with different neutral shades offer a sophisticated, styled look. Longer coats pair extremely well with the blanket scarf, but for something edgier, you can try styling it with your favorite denim jacket!

Whatever your style may be, it’s important to stay warm in the upcoming months, especially if you’re headed outside. There are dozens of fun winter activities, so don’t let the cold keep you from doing them! A scarf can be a fun accessory that can help pull an outfit together. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do!

Edited by Katie Carnefix

Madison is an alumna of West Virginia University. She's a Pittsburgh native and a Primanti Bros. sandwich connoisseur, who dreams of living in a beach house one day and filling it with Great Danes.
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