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All I Want For Christmas Is You: An Open Letter To My Future Self

Dear future self,

You have gone through a lot this past year; loss, heartbreak, new responsibilities. The past has taught you how to find your own voice. How to not be dependent on anyone else to find your own happiness. I know you are happy with who you are as you're reading this because of the choices I am making now.

You remember the long nights sitting in bed, thinking nothing is going to go up from here? Now you can sit back and laugh about your self doubt because you realize how strong you truly are. Remember when you second guessed your abilities to succeed in school or if you were going to graduate? Now you are already graduated from college, with a degree and a job. You have come so far and never let defeat stop you from achieving your goals.

I want to congratulate you for finally being able to be your own best friend. You have realized that it is okay to be alone because at the end of the day all you have is yourself. You are now thankful for all the "bad things" that you have gone through the past year because without them you wouldn't be who you are today. I want you to call up your friends and family right now to thank them for all they have done for you. Without their help trying to guide you and support you, you wouldn't be where you are today. 

As you are reading this, I know you are no longer thinking about the boy you desperately wanted to reciprocate love back to you in the past. By now, he is no longer your first and last concern of the day; he is someone you can truly thank for all the great times you had together. I am happy you stopped thinking about what could be and started thinking about what it is now. He was a great learning experience for you.

I want you to know that who you are now in the future has given past me the strength to keep pushing forward. As I am typing this, you are a goal. As you are reading this, you are an accomplished milestone. Past you wants to thank you for giving herself something to look forward to; being a happy, self-determined, independent woman. You are who I strive to be for more years to come.

Your past self is about to end her fall semester of senior year. She is looking forward to her last semester of college and her bright, successful future come May. This 2018 Christmas, all I want is to be who you are right now. I can’t wait for the day to come where I can reflect into everything you have become now.   

Love always,

Your determined past

Te'a DiNapoli is currently a senior at West Virginia University from Morristown, NJ. She majors in journalism and minors in fashion merchandising. Te'a is involved in writing for West Virginia University's Ed on Campus magazine as well as running a personal blog YourDailyTea. During her free time, Te'a enjoys recording and producing her own music as well as drawing. As a writer for HerCampus, she hopes to create more connections with college students interested in the same subjects as she is as well as gain more experience with blog writing. In 10 years from now, Te'a hopes to see herself as a contributor for The Rolling Stone Magazine.
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