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Ali and Alicia Hinshaw

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Names: Ali and Alicia Hinshaw

Hometown: Hurricane, WV


Alicia: Elementary Education/Pre K-K

Ali: Elementary Education/Mathematics

How would you describe yourself in three words?:

Alicia: social, honest, happy

Ali: energetic, genuine, outgoing

I’d rather be:

Alicia: Laying on the beach

Ali: On vacation

Favorite place in Morgantown:

Alicia: Los Mariachis

Ali: Boston Beanery

My all-time favorite movie is:

Alicia: Harry Potter

Ali: Crossroads

Favorite desert:

Alicia: Fried cheesecake balls

Ali: Cheesecake

Guilty pleasure I’ll never be able to refuse:

Alicia: Ben&Jerry’s half-baked ice cream

Ali: Olive Garden

Last year for Halloween I was:

Alicia: Minnie Mouse

Ali: A hobo

An embarrassing moment for me was:

Alicia: Falling down my high school bleachers in front of the entire school

Ali: Getting wiped out by a guy on a skateboard in front of the lair… People   filmed it

It’s Friday night, you’ll find me:

Alicia: At a social with my phis or SAE

Ali: Downtown

The best compliment I was given:

Alicia: Good smile

Ali: “You can always put a smile on my face.”

I’m pretty cool because:

Alicia: Won Nationals in cheerleading

Ali: Because I can eat a whole pizza to myself

What is the most romantic gesture you’ve ever done for a boy?

Alicia: Surprised him with chocolate covered strawberries because he was nervous for his DAT

Ali: Surprise gifts

Celebrity crush:

Alicia: Zac Efron

Ali: Liam Hemsworth

Favorite feature on the other sex’s body?

 Alicia: The “V”

 Ali: Smile


  I grew up in Charleston, West Virginia. Growing up here I knew there was a possibility of going to West Virginia University my entire life. Although I decided to start my college career at the University of Kentucky, those country roads led me back to WVU in the spring of my sophomore year. This was also the point when I decided to establish myself as a Broadcast Journalist student. Since this point I have strived to become the best possible journalist I can be. I am currently working as a weekend reporter for WDTV-Channel 5 in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Prior to receiving this position, I worked as an intern with WCHS-tv/FOX11, in the summer of 2014, where I learned critical editing, interviewing, writing, and speaking skills. I worked closely with anchors, reporters, editors, directors, producers, and even the web team. Aside from the television industry, I am the Campus Correspondent for the West Virginia University Chapter of the online entertainment magazine, Her Campus. Another position I currently hold is the Social Media Chair of WVU’s Radio Television Digital News Association Chapter. In the Fall of 2012, I became a sister of the Alpha Phi Fraternity, in which I held the position of ‘Big Sister Chairman.’ My other passions include horse back riding, scuba diving, being outdoors, and running. I am very adventurous and I try to stay well rounded. My goal in life is to live life to the fullest and be the best possible version of myself. My ultimate goal would be to earn a spot as a reporter/anchor for Fox News, New York. I plan to graduate in December of 2016 and look forward to my future.