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9 Things College Has Taught Me

1. Independence (duh)

Back at home, I was pretty sheltered and very dependent on my parents. Coming to Morgantown has shown me in so many ways that it pays to be responsible. Your mom isn’t going to be there every morning to wake you up, and your dad won’t be there to remind you to take a jacket to class.

2. Self-image is everything

Before college I always told myself that I would start working out in college, but I only half-heartedly meant it. Going to the gym to improve how I see myself has created so much self-confidence for me. If you can’t see how amazing you are, who will!

3. It’s okay to focus on yourself

I seem to have a bad habit of putting others’ happiness before my own, but college has really shown me that self-growth is the most important thing. Take time to put your emotional and mental health on the front burner, and you’ll be a much happier student.

4. It’s okay to treat yourself

Say you had a really tough week, or you had a huge test you studied really hard for and got an A on, it’s perfectly okay to treat yourself to that new makeup palette you’ve been wanting or a nice dinner with your friends. Which brings me to my next point:

5. Try to save money

My entire first semester I had the “I’ll dip into my savings” mentality without actually checking my bank account. It’s okay to treat yourself, but don’t go overboard and end up having to become the poor college kid stereotype and live on ramen noodles, new makeup isn’t worth breaking the bank.

6. It’s okay to be alone

People won’t judge you if you go to the dining hall alone, or if you sit by yourself in class. College will show you who your best friends are, but you don’t have to be connected at the hip to them, be your own person!

7. Nobody cares what you wear

I’ve seen girls show up to 9 a.m.’s in dresses and heals, while the girl sitting beside her is wearing sweats and a hoodie. Unlike high school, nobody is going to give you the side eye if you show up to class without makeup on, just feel grateful you made it there at all!

8. It’s cool to be smart

I’m not sure where the “smart kids are nerds don’t talk to them” high school mentality came from, but it definitely does not apply to college. Flaunt your brain! Get good grades! Join an Honor Society, it all will set you ahead in the career world, and maybe nab yourself an extra scholarship (who doesn’t love those.) 

9. Call home

When you’re hours away from home, unfortunately you miss things. Don’t get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of college life to forget to appreciate your OG support group. Ring up your grandparents, text your dad, facetime your brothers and sisters, both parties with be glad you did!

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