8 DIY Rustic Home Décor Pieces

1. Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are a new yet pricy trend in the décor world. Some retail stores sell these simple, wooden ladders for as much as $400. This easy DIY will only cost about $5 and you can customize the stain of the wood to match your personal aesthetic.

Materials/Steps here: http://www.heytherehome.com/diy-blanket-ladder-pottery-barn-knock/

If you want to go a step further, and cheaper, simply go outside or to a forest and pick up some fallen tree branches. Connect the branches in a ladder-esque way and there you go. If you want to make it a photo ladder, follow the steps below to create the perfect staple piece for any room.

Materials/Steps here: http://creative-ambitions.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-version-of-photo-ladder.html


2. Crate Bookshelf

Do you go to Walmart or a local craft store and fall in love with the wooden crates that you just don’t know what to do with? Look no further than creating your own bookshelf. Creativity can shine through on this project, and you can make your dream bookcase with your favorite wood stain for a much lower cost than traditional bookshelves.

Materials/Steps here: http://www.taramichelleinteriors.ca/blog/2015/8/20/diy-crate-bookshelf


3. Twine Basket/Trashcan

Do you love cute trashcans or baskets that you can find at Pottery Barn or even Target, but not the hefty price that comes along with it? If so, then this DIY is for you. Simply pick up some rope or twine, a $1 trashcan or basket from the Dollar Store and a hot glue gun and be on your way to a trendy trashcan.

Materials/Steps here: http://www.twoityourself.com/2013/08/dollar-store-trash-can-makeover.html?m=1


4. Mason Jar Organizer

The staple for any rustic home is the use of mason jars. Mason jars are perfect organizers for anything. This DIY mason jar holder showcases just one of the many different uses that mason jars can take on.

Materials/Steps here: http://diyjoy.com/mason-jar-crafts-diy-organization


5. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Coffee cups + pallet = pretty kitchen décor without too much hassle. This easy DIY can make organizing your kitchen fast and fun.

Materials/Steps here: http://www.onelittlebirdblog.com/?p=1755


6. Yarn Wall Hanging

These wall hangings are also a huge trend going on right now, and they can cost anymore from $20-$300 depending on the size. These tutorials make it easy to create your own wall hangings and that way you can choose the colors that best suit the rest of your décor.  From dowel rods to literal tree branches, the options are endless. There are hundreds of different DIY projects for these, so make sure to look them up and see which you prefer.

Materials/Steps here: http://www.homeyohmy.com/diy-modern-yarn-hanging/


7. Entryway Coat Rack

This may look complex at first, but the step-by-step instructions make this DIY a simple task if you are willing to put in the time and effort to create it.

Materials/Steps here: http://www.lizmarieblog.com/2015/02/diy-rustic-entryway-coat-rack/

For a simpler version of the first project, just simply get a piece of wood and screw in some hooks for your own unique towel/coat/entryway rack.

Materials/Steps here: https://www.maisondepax.com/2015/11/diy-rustic-towel-rack.html


8. Rustic Shelf

Industrial elements within homes/apartments are also becoming a trend. With simple, easy-to-find materials and even easier assembly instructions, this is a sure way to incorporate a modern, rustic look into your home.

Materials here: https://akeenlife.com/2012/11/01/diy-rustic-shelf-part-2/

Steps here: https://akeenlife.com/2012/11/13/diy-rustic-shelf-building/



Happy crafting!