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7 Things Not to Do at a Date Party

Date party season is in full swing! Whether you’re going with your long-term boyfriend or some rando you got set up with, date parties are always exciting to look forward to.

It gives you an excuse to finally wear that one romper you’ve been saving for a good night or go raid your friend’s closet for an hour. These dated functions may leave you with some great memories (or none at all), but before you attend your next one make sure you keep in mind these things you should NOT be doing.


1. Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

I know, the super trendy Free People heels you just bought go perfectly with your dress but kill your feet. You can either suck it up (beauty is pain, right?), or wear a pair of shoes that won’t leave you with 17 blisters. Also, you could even bring a pair of flip flops/boots to change into before the walk downtown. Let’s be real, after you get your perfect Insta pic, do the shoes really matter anyway?

2. The 3 B’s

For those of you who don’t know the 3 B’s, they stand for boobs, belly, and butt. Pick one to show off, not all three. Let’s keep it classy girls!

3. Go on an empty stomach 

Eating a meal before is key. I’ve learned from my mistakes with this one, and you definitely want to make sure you don’t skip dinner. Don’t worry, you’ll still look hot in your dress.

4. Try to outdrink your date

Don’t try to finish half the bottle by yourself within the first hour of the pregame. PACE YOURSELF. 90% of the time blacking out before making it downtown doesn’t end well…trust me. You will regret it.

5. Ditch your date/Get yourself ditched

I think I may have PTSD from previously being ditched at a date party because I now assume every boy is going to leave me there. Unless your date is being a total d-bag, don’t ditch him. Just be a good date and make the best of it.

6. Get kicked out of the club

Do you really want to be that person? Make sure you stay on your feet, away from the stripper poles, and off of elevated surfaces. Basically, don’t act like a freshman at Cellar on a Thursday.  

7. Be afraid to drunk eat with your date

How could you possibly turn down free food? We may all hate ourselves for drunk eating, but it’s a necessity after a date party. Chances are you’ll wake up with leftovers, which will basically be a like gourmet breakfast in bed that will help cure your deadly hangover. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather wake up next to a box of half-eaten Lotsa Mozza than a boy any day.

Carly is a senior journalism major in the Reed College of Media with a minor in sports communication. In addition to being a writer for Her Campus, Carly is also a news reporter for WVU's The Daily Atheneum. Originally from Bucks County, Pa., Carly is a huge Philadelphia sports fan. Some of her favorite hobbies include petting dogs, drinking wine and going to concerts. 
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