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5 Ways to Stay True to Yourself in College

As the blurring faces pass on campus, do you every look around and wish you could be someone else? Do you ever wish to be taller, skinnier, happier, prettier, etc? It happens to the best of us. Being submersed in a new setting with new people to compare yourself to, it’s easy to get swept away in it all. Peer pressure is everywhere. The pressure to “fit in” is in our classes, our relationships, and pretty much every aspect of our lives. However, I’m here to tell you that being yourself is awesome. You don’t have to be or do anything you don’t want to do! Here are some ways to remind yourself to stick with your true self and show you how awesome you really are. 


1. Give yourself a mental pep talk!

This may sound silly, but a little pep talk to ourselves be super helpful. If you ever doubt yourself or have negative thoughts lurking in your mind, shoot it down with something positive! Tell yourself that you are one of a kind; that you are limited edition. There is no other person on this earth who is exactly like you! You are unique and awesome in all of the best ways. Talk yourself up and go out and take the world by storm. 

2. Don’t feel pressured.

In college, there is so much pressure, socially and mentally. We constantly pressure ourselves if others aren’t already. There is a constant pressure to be the best in school, stay on top of your social life, and to please others. Don’t feel that way! If you don’t want to go out, don’t go out. If you do want to go out and your friends don’t want to, then have fun in your own way. Take a breath when it comes to grades, even if you feel like it is life or death. Remember that you’re trying your best, and no matter the outcome, that’s all you can do. 

3. Accepting yourself

Sometimes, we can be our worst critique. We constantly analyze the slightest things that others don’t even notice. Remember to love yourself for all that you are. Remember that in the good and bad, every part of you makes up the person you are today. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s so cool to be your own person and be comfortable and confident in your own skin. You don’t have to try to look like the person sitting next to you in class or the one walking across the street with a cute outfit. Everything about you is already awesome! 

4. Remember your passions.

It is so easy to get swallowed up in the school work and social events that we just go along with the flow of the crowd. Keep in mind the things you love doing and stick with that. Your passions are a part of you and will keep you in check of who you are when life gets hectic. Clubs are a great place to do this. If you love to dance, enroll in a dance class on campus. If you love to sing, join a musical group on campus. There are so many opportunities at WVU ready for you to grab! If you surround yourself with people who have the same passions as you, it will ignite the fire to keep pursuing your dreams and keep doing what you love. 

5. Encourage others to be themselves!

I think when I hear my own advice, I follow it better. Make sure to life others up around you and let them know that they are amazing just the way they are. If you do this, you’ll more thank likely see this in yourself. Everyone needs encouragement, so be that person to remind others that they don’t need to change. Just give a compliment to someone. You will see with your own eyes how it makes others feel and then you will get the reward of bringing light to others. I think when other women are empowered, it allows us to feel the same way and know our worth. 


The next time you see someone and you start to compare yourself to them, STOP! Remember that everyone is their own person. We are all beautiful and unique in our own ways. Every aspect of you is one of a kind. Remember no matter what road life takes you down, stay true to yourself. 

I'm a freshman attending West Virginia University. I'm majoring in elementary education with a specialization in English. I'm so excited to see where my journey as a mountaineer takes me!
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